Sun, 28 Aug, 2016
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Credit card transactions rise in January

Credit card transactions are on the rise according to the latest figures released by Apacs.

The firm has calculated that there were as may as 170 transactions every single second during January, as debit card and credit card usage continued to rise.

Overall, transactions were up by 11.7 per cent, with credit card transactions rising by 8.5 per cent and debit cards jumping by 13.4 per cent.

One of the major drivers in transactions was reportedly the tsunami which struck south-east Asia, leading millions to use their cards as a means for donations.

Apacs communications director Sandra Quinn commented: "The response from the British public to the tsunami in south-east Asia has been amazing.

"The disaster touched everyone in the UK and the country has responded by donating to charities in any way they can which has included donating using their plastic cards."

In total almost £10 billion was spent on credit cards in the UK during January.