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New pensions advice booklet launched - Thu, 7 Jun, 2007
A new booklet has been launched with the aim of reassuring workplace pensions contributors around the country that their schemes and investments are p... [more]

Government called on to outline personal finance advice plans - Thu, 7 Jun, 2007
The government has been urged to outline its plans for generic personal finance advice services ahead of a House of Lords debate about proposed pensio... [more]

America’s Cup – Kiwis take the Louis Vuitton Cup in Clean Sweep - Wed, 6 Jun, 2007
In a display of total domination, Emirates Team New Zealand today won their 5th consecutive race in the Louis Vuitton Cup final against Luna Rossa to... [more]

Caution urged over headline savings rates - Wed, 6 Jun, 2007 is urging British consumers to consider their options fully before investing their savings into an account based on a high headline r... [more]

First time buyers 'unsure about financial details' - Wed, 6 Jun, 2007
Many of the UK's first time property buyers are unclear over some of the details of their own or more general financial matters, a new report from AA... [more]

Ethical Isas 'could become popular' - Tue, 5 Jun, 2007
So-called ethical individual savings accounts (Isas) could become more popular if consumer awareness of certain issues begins to influence investor ha... [more]

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No – it’s the new 2012 Olympic logo - Tue, 5 Jun, 2007
Tony Blair calls it "Britain’s proudest moment" and Wolff Olins, the firm commissioned to design London’s new Olympic logo, calls it inspirational ... [more]

Credit card cash withdrawals 'can prove costly' - Tue, 5 Jun, 2007
Annual percentage rates (APRs) being paid out by consumers who use their credit cards to withdraw money and fail to clear the resulting balance are on... [more]

Estate agents 'fear for first time buyers' - Mon, 4 Jun, 2007
The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has urged the government to take action to enable more British consumers to get a foot on the housing... [more]

Thousands of credit borrowers 'opt for convenience' - Mon, 4 Jun, 2007
Thousands of credit consumers around the UK are opting for convenience over value when it comes to borrowing money, a new study has suggested.... [more]

Emirates Team New Zealand win First Race in Louis Vuitton Cup Yacht Final - Fri, 1 Jun, 2007
In an exciting and fast-moving yacht race, Emirates Team New Zealand won the first race of the Finals of the Louis Vuitton Cup. The Italians in their... [more]

Holidaymakers 'ignore personal finance issues' - Fri, 1 Jun, 2007
Millions of British consumers are ignoring the potential personal finance problems they may face and put themselves into debt while going on holiday, ... [more]

Workplace pensions 'increasingly important' - Fri, 1 Jun, 2007
British workers are increasingly keen to ensure that their employers offer an attractive pensions scheme before taking up a job offer, according to on... [more]

Steep rise in numbers of UK citizens going bankrupt - Thu, 31 May, 2007
Can a local council make an individual bankrupt for not paying their council tax? Will anyone know if you have gone bankrupt? Does it show on your cr... [more]

Barbra Streisand opens European Tour in Switzerland - Thu, 31 May, 2007
Barbra Streisand has made a last-minute change to her first European concert series by cancelling her Rome show at Flaminio Stadium and launching in ... [more]

'Confidence high' among buy to let landlords - Thu, 31 May, 2007
Housing market and economic conditions around the country have led to a widespread confidence among buy to let landlords over the wisdom of their prop... [more]

Brits 'keep £3.5bn in savings at home' - Thu, 31 May, 2007
British consumers are missing out on millions of pounds in potential interest by keeping close to £3.5 billion in various places around their own home... [more]

Fixed rate mortgage deals 'more popular than ever' - Wed, 30 May, 2007
As British consumers aim to avoid the impact of changes in the cost of borrowing the popularity of fixed rate mortgage deals has never been higher, ac... [more]

Parents 'prefer' cash CTF investments - Wed, 30 May, 2007
Parents looking to help secure their children's financial future tend to prefer to make cash investments into a child trust fund (CTF), according to ... [more]

Treasury aims to 'kick start savings' - Tue, 29 May, 2007
Economic secretary to the Treasury Ed Balls is aiming to kick start some sound personal finance habits for thousands of British consumers by matching ... [more]

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