Mon, 29 Aug, 2016
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Angel investors offer investment lifeline during economic slump

A report from the Business Sale Report claims that the current economic slump is a great time to invest in a company or buy a business. Prices for businesses and equity stakes are currently very low and many serial entrepreneurs are picking up extraordinary deals. The appearance of several 'distressed company' funds in the UK marketplace corroborates this finding.

Business people seeking funding for start-ups or looking to sell a company often look to ‘angel investors’ for the cash. These angel investors are other entrepreneurs who want to help fund another company, or a buyout, in return for a slice of the business.

Although this type of investment can be risky, these risks often pay off and the system works well for small business owners and investors worldwide. Attracting angel funding can be a serious advantage for entrepreneurs, affording them the capacity to expand their business quickly and effectively, taking full advantage of market conditions.

An investment expert quoted on says equity investment made at the beginning of the cycle produces the very best returns on investment. He adds, “that’s a reason to be cheerful – and they are very hard to find these days.” However, if one looks hard enough there are quite a number of resources for both those looking to raise capital and for prospective angel investors looking to fund early rounds of investment.

In response to the growing demand among business owners and entrepreneurs for a simple way to facilitate deals, Business Sale Report and Growthwire have partnered up to offer a one-stop shop those seeking to fund a start-up or buy a business at around the £50,000 to £5 million mark and those hoping to attract investment or buyers.

The service offers a portal on which to post potential deals, matching those looking for funding with entrepreneurs who are eager to invest. Chris St Cartmail,the CEO of Business Sale Report, says the service is unique, “integrating the Growthwire service into Business Sale Report creates the only medium with the capacity to initiate these vital capital-raising, sale and investment transactions no matter what stage of the cycle the entrepreneur is at.”