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Avoid inheritance tax hit with estate planning
December 9, 2009
By Mark Warner

As the nation prepares to hear the chancellor's pre-Budget report today, investors are being advised that estate planning is still essential for most, despite suggestions that the inheritance tax threshold will change after the next general election.

Inheritance tax specialists at AXA say they don't expect any notable increases to the threshold in the foreseeable future, speculating that it may actually be frozen for the next few years.

For most investors estate planning is therefore still essential, they reason, especially as house prices and markets begin to rise.

"Inheritance tax is one area that advisers need to educate clients on, particularly in the current economic and political climate," says Kevin Dean, chief executive of AXA Wealth International.

He points out that AXA Isle of Man's Estate Planning Bond "combines the financial needs of clients in the here and now", as well as their desire to plan for the future and avoid an "inheritance tax hit".

A combination of an offshore single premium bond and a Trust, the Estate Planning Bond is unit linked, meaning the investment is used to purchase units in one or more chosen funds or cash deposits and pooled with those of other investors who have similar objectives.