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Banks creating digital divide
October 13, 2010
By John Rowling

Many banks are dividing customers and offering the best deals to those with access to online banking, new figures have suggested.

According to recent research conducted by Which?, a customer using online banking could be around 37 per cent better off each year than those with branch-only arrangements.

However, there are currently around ten million people in the UK who do not have internet access or cannot afford to be online, raising concerns that they are being treated unfairly by banks.

Furthermore, others actively choose not to conduct their finances via the internet, with concerns about online security being one of the main reasons cited for this.

Some customers relying only on postal correspondence from the bank have complained that they have already incurred charges by the time they receive a letter informing them of being overdrawn.

Daniella Lipszyc, from law firm Ultimate Law, said, “More and more customers are being unfairly penalised because they choose not to check their bank statements online. Not everybody feels comfortable or confident enough to use online banking.

“The banks need to make allowances for this, as not all customers have access to a computer.”