Wed, 31 Aug, 2016
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Brits encouraged to fight credit card fraud

Consumers are being urged to take steps to reduce their risk of becoming victim to credit card fraud.

This follows a new study which indicates that many Britons are making it easy for fraudsters to gain their account details and personal information.

According to a report by consumer watchdog Which?, an overall 60 per cent of cardholders in the UK are making easily avoidable mistakes which leave them at greater risk of credit card fraud.

The study found that 23 per cent of UK cardholders use the same pin number for different bank accounts, while 21 per cent admit they would give their account details to a caller claiming to be from their bank.

In addition, 19 per cent fail to check their bank or credit card statements, to ensure that no-one else is using the account.

"By taking some basic precautions you can dramatically reduce your chances of becoming a victim of card fraud," advised Malcolm Coles, editor of Which?.

Britons are encouraged to shred all card receipts and financial documents, never provide account details or PIN numbers over the phone, and ignore any suspicious emails asking for security details.

UK fraud totalled a massive £500 million last year, a 600 per cent increase since 1999, demonstrating the importance of safe credit card practices.