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Car Insurance Tips-

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Tips on Buying Car Insurance in the UK

If possible, don't park your car on the street. Ideally, park the car in a secure facility i.e. a locked garage. Even parking on a driveway will often help reduce your car insurance premium.


Use best-buy tables on the internet  to help you select a competitive car insurance provider. Many car insurers offer the same products cheaper over the internet as it saves them administrative costs.


If you do not have the time to shop around for competitive quotations, use an insurance broker.


Think about installing a vehicle immobiliser if you do not already have one fitted. This is especially pertinent if you are planning to keep your car for several years.


Look at opting to pay a higher excess in the event of a claim. This will often bring down the car insurance premium.


If you are a new driver, look at enrolling in the Pass Plus training programme to qualify for discounts on your car insurance.


If you think you are able to drive fewer miles each year, tell your prospective car insurance company. The lower the annual mileage, the more likely you can drive down that premium.


If you can, limit the drivers on your car insurance policy, especially in the case of drivers under the age of 25.


Don't be tempted by an expensive, powerful sports car. Drive an inexpensive car with a small engine and look at the massive difference in car insurance premiums.


Protect your 'no claims' bonus. Try not to make small claims (unless fault can be attributed to an insured third party) if you have several years no-claims bonus, as it may cost you more in the long run.


Consider 3rd party, fire & theft car insurance rather than comprehensive if you have a low value car.


Remember that if you customise or modify or your car, this may result in higher premiums.


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