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Halifax All in One 10/10 Credit Card

The benefits
  • 15.9% APR for purchases
  • Up to 59 days interest free for purchases
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Card Affiliation MC
Card Name All in One 10/10 Credit Card
Description The only credit card you'll ever need. 0% for the first 10 months on purchases.
Card Requirements
Minimum Age 18
Minimum Household Income
Other Eligibility Notes
Main Features
APR Variable 15.9%
Representative Example: If you spend £1,200 at an annual interest rate of 15.9 % (variable), your Representative APR will be 15.9% (variable).
Annual Fee
Accepts Adverse Credit
Has Cash Back Scheme
Has Loyalty Reward Scheme NO
Interest Free Days
Introductory Rate
Has Introductory Rate Scheme YES
Introductory Rate APR 0%
Introductory Rate Duration 10 months
Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer APR 0%
Balance Transfer Limit No limit specified
Balance Transfer Duration 10 months
Balance Transfer Notes Handling fee of 3% applies.
Minimum Monthly Payment Each month in which you have a balance outstanding on your account you must repay an amount equal to the total of any Credit Card Repayments Cover premiums, interest, default sums plus 1% of the balance shown on your statement (minimum 5, or the full balance if less than 5).
Payment Notes We use any payments you make to pay off transactions that appear on your statements starting with those on which we charge interest at the highest rate. We will then pay off transactions on which we charge interest at the next highest rate and so on down to the lowest rate of interest. If the payment is not enough to pay off all transactions at a particular interest rate, we will pay off transactions charged at that interest rate in the order:- cash advances, cheques, purchases, balance transfers and default sums. If you pay more than the amount due shown on your statement, we will use any remaining payment to pay off transactions that have not yet appeared on your statement in the same order as those that do appear on your statement. In this condition, "transaction" includes the amount of the purchase, cash advance, cheque, default sum or balance transfer plus any interest, fees or insurance payment charged as a result of that transaction. For example, a cash advance fee is included as part of a cash transaction.
Cash Back
Cash Back Percent 0%
Cash Back Notes
Other Card Information
Other Benefits
Other Facilities
Other Charges Cash advances and cheques subject to a handling fee of 3% with a minimum of 3; Late payment, overlimit and returned payment fee of 12
Other Notes
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