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Finance group studies parents' savings habits - Wed, 28 Mar, 2007
Some 17 per cent of single parents with kids under the age of 16 made regular contributions to their children's savings accounts during the last six ... [more]

Savings group welcomes CTF announcement - Thu, 22 Mar, 2007
Children's savings provider The Children's Mutual has responded positively to chancellor Gordon Brown's Budget announcement that youngsters in care... [more]

Parents 'prefer to invest for the future' - Mon, 19 Feb, 2007
Nearly half of parents prefer not to give their children pocket money, choosing instead to save money and invest for the future, new research reveals.... [more]

Expert urges building nest-egg - Thu, 25 Jan, 2007
Grandparents should consider investing money now to provide a nest-egg for their grandchildren in the future, advises a savings provider.... [more]

Parents warned about delaying CTF uptake - Thu, 18 Jan, 2007
Parents who wait 12 months to open their children's child trust fund (CTF) accounts are losing out on one year's growth potential, according to one ... [more]

Children's savings accounts 'exceeding expectations' - Mon, 15 Jan, 2007
The child trust fund (CTF) initiative has exceeded all expectations, according to Ed Balls, economic secretary to the Treasury.... [more]

The Children's Mutual supports CTF uptake - Mon, 8 Jan, 2007
New figures indicating that 2.5 million Child Trust Funds (CTFs) have been opened have been welcomed by The Children's Mutual as evidence of a positi... [more]

CTF uptake 'encouraging' - Fri, 5 Jan, 2007
Nearly 2.5 million child trust fund (CTF) accounts have now been opened by parents in the UK.... [more]