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Calls for child savings tax reforms - Thu, 6 Dec, 2007
Nationwide Building Society has called on the government to adjust the tax system so that more British parents are encouraged to save for their childr... [more]

CTFs 'encourage parental saving' - Mon, 5 Nov, 2007
Engaging with the government led child trust fund (CTF) saving scheme has encouraged many British parents to become more proactive about ensuring the ... [more]

More support for child savings schemes - Thu, 25 Oct, 2007
The government has announced its intention to offer more support for child trust fund (CTF) saving schemes around the UK.... [more]

Calls for changes to child savings system - Mon, 8 Oct, 2007
The government has been called on to introduce a number of changes to the way parents are able to save for their children's future in the UK, it has ... [more]

Parents urged to start saving early - Fri, 5 Oct, 2007
British parents have been encouraged to start saving for their children's future as early as they can in order to avoid facing financial hardship as ... [more]