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Corporation Tax Rates-

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UK Corporation Tax Rates and Allowances

Financial year 2010-11 ()    Financial year 2011-12 ()    
Small Profits Rate   21% Small Profits Rate   20%  
Marginal Relief Lower Limit  300,000  Marginal Relief Lower Limit  300,000  
Marginal Relief Upper Limit  1,500,000  Marginal Relief Upper Limit  1,500,000  
Main Rate Corporation Tax  28% Main Rate Corporate Tax  26%  

In the 2012/2013 tax year, the main rate of corporation tax will fall from 26% to 25%.


There is a special rate of tax for unit trusts and open-ended investment companies of 20%.


Companies involved in oil extraction activities (or oil rights) in the UK and UK Continental Shelf are termed Ring Fence Companies. These have a Small Profits Rate of tax at 19% and a main rate of tax of 30%.


The profits limits may be reduced for a company which is part of a group or has associated companies. The lower rates and marginal reliefs do not apply to close investment holding companies.

There are many accounting software packages in the UK that can help you automate the preparation of corporation tax returns.