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'New credit card legislation is great news' - Mon, 27 Mar, 2006
The court of appeal's decision that credit card companies must offer overseas protection has been welcomed by the consumer association Which?.... [more]

Credit card protection for overseas transactions - Fri, 24 Mar, 2006
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has responded to the news that its appeal for UK consumers to be given extra protection when using credit cards in a ... [more]

Store credit cards hitting consumers - Wed, 8 Mar, 2006
Extortionate annual percentage rates (APR) on store credit cards are costing UK consumers at least £55 million a year, according to the Competition Co... [more]

Consumers 'should consider' numerous credit cards - Mon, 6 Mar, 2006
UK consumers have been advised that having numerous credit cards may suit their needs better than having just the one card.... [more]

Brits not bothered by credit card debt - Mon, 27 Feb, 2006
Many Britons are unconcerned about their level of personal debt, it has been found, despite an increasing amount being owed on credit cards and loan r... [more]

Debit and credit card spending boom - Mon, 20 Feb, 2006
UK consumers spent 8.9 per cent more on their credit cards and debit cards in December compared to 2004, it has been revealed. ... [more]

Credit card chip and pin deadline imminent - Mon, 13 Feb, 2006
Consumers with chip and pin enabled credit cards will no longer be able to sign for goods and services from tomorrow. ... [more]

Credit card holders urged to pay on time - Fri, 10 Feb, 2006
Credit card holders are continuing to suffer from late payment charges, reveals new research into the personal finance habits of the nation. ... [more]

Britons warned of credit card differences - Fri, 3 Feb, 2006
Consumers have been urged not to be misled by credit card interest rates by a consumer watchdog. ... [more]

Alternatives to chip and pin credit cards 'still available' - Thu, 2 Feb, 2006
British consumers have been advised that alternatives to the chip and pin credit cards are available. ... [more]

Cutbacks on credit card spending planned - Tue, 31 Jan, 2006
UK consumers are intending to reduce their credit card spending during the next three months, it has been revealed. ... [more]

Credit card firms slammed for lending policies - Tue, 24 Jan, 2006
Credit card firms have been condemned for "irresponsibly" providing credit to UK consumers while debt levels soar. ... [more]

Credit card technology proving popular - Fri, 20 Jan, 2006
The majority of British consumers are pleased with the new chip and pin technology on credit cards and debit cards, a new survey has found. ... [more]

Britons urged to switch to credit cards - Thu, 19 Jan, 2006
Britons are being advised to switch their debts from expensive store cards to credit cards, following the release of new figures. ... [more]

Credit cards ditched as Brits prefer debit - Wed, 18 Jan, 2006
Britons are swapping their credit cards for debit cards, new figures have revealed. ... [more]

Credit card debt soars in Scotland - Thu, 12 Jan, 2006
Credit card debt is almost a third higher than in Scotland compared to the rest of the UK, new figures have revealed. ... [more]

Pins arrive in shops - Tue, 10 Jan, 2006
Shops across the UK are already demanding Pin numbers and turning away customers who cannot remember them or pay for the goods in cash. ... [more]