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Christmas Eve credit card spending rush forecast - Mon, 24 Dec, 2007
British consumers are expected to spend more than £380 million via their credit cards on the final day before Christmas, it has emerged.... [more]

Brits turn to credit cards for last minute buying - Tue, 18 Dec, 2007
Millions of UK consumers are turning to their credit cards to fund a range of last minute purchases in the run up to Christmas, according to a recent ... [more]

Holidaymakers get warning over credit card fees - Wed, 12 Dec, 2007
British holidaymakers have been warned that they could be liable to sizable charges for using their credit cards outside of the UK.... [more]

Brits use borrowing to 'finance lifestyles' - Wed, 5 Dec, 2007
Consumers across the UK are using borrowing as a way of securing the kind of lifestyle that they want, despite the financial risks involved, it has be... [more]

Brits urged to sort finances before Christmas - Tue, 4 Dec, 2007
British consumers have been urged to organise their personal finances before Christmas to avoid debt problems in the new year.... [more]

Online credit card spending set to soar - Fri, 30 Nov, 2007
The UK's payments association Apacs is expecting to see the total amounts spent online using credit cards increase considerably next month in relatio... [more]

Christmas credit card spending 'well under way' - Tue, 27 Nov, 2007
Hundreds of millions of pounds has already been spent on Christmas gifts and groceries via credit cards in the UK, according to the latest figures.... [more]

£34bn to be spent on cards this Christmas - Fri, 16 Nov, 2007
British consumers will spend around £34 billion on plastic cards over the course of next month, according to the latest predictions from the UK's pay... [more]

Millions of Brits use credit cards every day - Tue, 13 Nov, 2007
A total of around three million Britons now use their credit cards every day of the week, according to a recent study from Abbey.... [more]

Christmas could be costly, says credit card firm - Mon, 5 Nov, 2007
Halifax Credit Cards has claimed that thousands of UK consumers will have more debt to deal with next year because they are using an uncompetitive pla... [more]

Lords back credit card protection rules - Thu, 1 Nov, 2007
The House of Lords has ruled that credit card users should expect the same level of protection when spending on plastic overseas as is the case in the... [more]

Warning issued over store card borrowing - Fri, 26 Oct, 2007
Nationwide Building Society has warned consumers to be careful about how they borrow money using store card credit.... [more]

South-east is Britain's credit card capital - Wed, 24 Oct, 2007
The south-east of England is the credit card capital of the UK, according to the latest figures compiled by the payments association Apacs.... [more]

Credit cards 'used to meet mortgage demands' - Thu, 18 Oct, 2007
Many thousands of people are using their credit cards to meet the repayment demands of their mortgage lenders, according to a recent study.... [more]

Millions 'will switch credit card provider' - Wed, 17 Oct, 2007
Millions of UK consumers are likely to switch their credit card provider over the course of the next 12 months, according to a study commissioned by A... [more]

Credit card users get fraud warning - Thu, 4 Oct, 2007
Credit card users have been warned that instances of fraud relating to cards issued in the UK but used abroad are on the increase.... [more]

New credit card guide launched for young Brits - Mon, 1 Oct, 2007
The UK's payment association Apacs has launched a new guide aimed at helping young consumers manage their credit card spending more effectively, it h... [more]