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Christmas credit card warning - Wed, 21 Dec, 2005
Britons have been advised to closely monitor their spending on credit cards during the festive period. ... [more]

Shoppers advised to use reward cards - Fri, 16 Dec, 2005
British shoppers have been advised to consider choosing a credit card which doubles up as a store card, in order to take advantage of the benefits the... [more]

Credit card firms to share customer data - Fri, 2 Dec, 2005
Credit card companies are to share customer information in an attempt to stop the escalating levels of personal debt in the UK. ... [more]

Council tax struggle for pensioners - Mon, 28 Nov, 2005
Increases in council tax are affecting the elderly far worse than younger people, new research has indicated. ... [more]

Britons ditch credit for new cards - Fri, 25 Nov, 2005
Britons are expected to spend £400 million less on credit cards this year, making it the first fall in over a decade, the payments organisations ... [more]

Consumers hit by currency 'service' - Wed, 23 Nov, 2005
Using credit and debit cards abroad could be costing Britons up to £60 million extra every year in charges levied retailers at the point of sale,... [more]

Credit card deals for Christmas shoppers - Wed, 16 Nov, 2005
As Christmas lights are being turned on throughout the UK and the festive period is drawing closer, a number of providers are promoting their seasonal... [more]

Predictions over credit card fees - Tue, 15 Nov, 2005
Annual credit card fees could make an unwelcome return, warns the results of a Precious Plastic 2006 study. ... [more]

Seasonal savings with HSBC's credit card deal - Thu, 10 Nov, 2005
HSBC has provided customers with an early Christmas present, offering a new credit card deal that will help to ease the financial burden of the festiv... [more]

Brits encouraged to fight credit card fraud - Mon, 7 Nov, 2005
Consumers are being urged to take steps to reduce their risk of becoming victim to credit card fraud. ... [more]

HSBC turns to US fraud technology - Fri, 28 Oct, 2005
Customers of HSBC will receive extra help in the fight against card fraud with the introduction of new technology. ... [more]

Consumers plan for a reduction in seasonal spending - Mon, 24 Oct, 2005
Consumers are planning to spend carefully this Christmas, reducing the usual amount of debts that the seasonal season brings. ... [more]

OFT slams "unduly high" fees - Thu, 20 Oct, 2005
Credit cards fees could be given a makeover following the results of a report into Visa fees by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). ... [more]

Brits underestimate borrowing by £357 a month - Mon, 17 Oct, 2005
UK consumers underestimate their monthly credit card spending by an average £357, research for online bank Egg has revealed. ... [more]

New credit cards offers unveiled - Tue, 4 Oct, 2005
Consumers shopping around for a credit card can now consider the Post Office as an option, following the launch of its own card services. ... [more]