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Credit cards 'funding romance' - Thu, 20 Mar, 2008
Credit cards are funding romantic nights out for thousands of couples around the country, according to a study by National Savings & Investments (NS&I... [more]

Holidaymakers get credit card warning - Tue, 18 Mar, 2008
Holidaymakers have been warned to make sure they will not be liable to unnecessary loading fees when spending on their credit cards outside the UK.... [more]

Brits 'donating millions via plastics cards' - Mon, 17 Mar, 2008
British consumers are donating millions of pounds each month to charitable causes via their plastic cards, according to the latest data from the UK's... [more]

Brits facing up to 'credit card realities' - Tue, 19 Feb, 2008
British consumers are beginning to face up to the reality of their credit card debts, it has been claimed.... [more]

UK tops credit card table - Thu, 14 Feb, 2008
The UK uses considerably more credit cards per person than any other nation in western Europe, according to recent research.... [more]

Credit card users 'throwing money away' - Tue, 12 Feb, 2008
Credit card users around the UK are effectively throwing their own money away by failing to shop around for a good plastic personal finance deal, it h... [more]

Spending on plastic cards worth £32bn in December - Fri, 8 Feb, 2008
UK consumers spent a total of over £32 billion on their plastic cards over the course of December 2007, according to the latest data.... [more]

Shop around for best credit card deals, says Abbey - Wed, 30 Jan, 2008
By shopping around for the best deals possible on credit cards, mortgages and other such products, consumers can improve their "financial fitness", ... [more]

Credit card dependence 'on the rise' - Fri, 11 Jan, 2008
An increasing number of credit card holders in the UK have become dependant on their plastic to fund their living expenses, according to recent resear... [more]

New Credit card service launched - Fri, 4 Jan, 2008
An early warning system against identity theft for credit card users in the UK has been made available for the first time, it has been revealed.... [more]

Bankers issue credit card warning - Wed, 2 Jan, 2008
The British Bankers' Association (BBA) has warned UK consumers to be careful about how much money they spend via their credit cards over the course o... [more]