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Britons starting to pay off credit cards - Sat, 30 Sep, 2006
The Bank of England has just released data that shows that indebted UK consumers are paying off their credit card bills faster than ever before.... [more]

Student credit cards an 'effective method of borrowing' - Tue, 19 Sep, 2006
As a new batch of freshers embark on their university career, credit cards aimed specifically at students have been promoted as a way to help younger ... [more]

Credit card providers 'impose stealth charges' - Tue, 12 Sep, 2006
Consumers have been warned that credit card providers are imposing stealth charges in order to make up money lost on credit card fees, according to a ... [more]

Pre-paid credit card – the new 'must-have' for teens - Mon, 11 Sep, 2006
A pre-paid credit card is the new 'must have' for American teens, with British versions of the product scheduled for release soon.... [more]

Mint offers new gift for cardholders - Wed, 6 Sep, 2006
Consumers will be able to buy anything they want at a variety of shops with a new gift card offered by credit card provider Mint.... [more]

Credit card customers focusing on rewards - Mon, 4 Sep, 2006
Credit card customers are focusing on the long-term benefits of reward cards and beginning to ignore short-term offers, it has emerged.... [more]

Credit card cheque summary box launched - Fri, 1 Sep, 2006
A new credit card cheque summary box is being launched aimed at "helping customers to easily understand and compare costs of credit card cheques at a... [more]

Barclaycard offers new student credit card - Fri, 1 Sep, 2006
Students are being offered a new specifically-designed credit card, in time for the beginning of the first university semester.... [more]

Brits 'have 1.2 credit cards each' - Mon, 21 Aug, 2006
The average number of active credit cards in the UK is 1.2 per adult, new research indicates.... [more]

Apacs hails success of chip and pin payment - Tue, 15 Aug, 2006
The UK is "now a truly mature chip and pin nation", according to card association Apacs.... [more]

PSE expects prepaid expansion - Mon, 14 Aug, 2006
The use of prepaid credit cards in Europe is expected to rise by 110 per cent over the next five years, according to Payments Systems Europe (PSE).... [more]

Credit cards 'used for internet spending' - Tue, 1 Aug, 2006
More Brits than ever are using their credit cards on internet auction sites, new research has revealed.... [more]

Credit card spending 'on the up' - Tue, 1 Aug, 2006
Britain's summer credit card spending is expected to be 35 per cent higher than at the same time last year, according to the Morgan Stanley Card Inde... [more]

OFT: Use a credit card for home improvement - Mon, 31 Jul, 2006
Consumers planning home improvements this summer have been advised on how best to protect their assets if work goes wrong.... [more]

BBA: Credit card debt down, mortgage lending up - Fri, 28 Jul, 2006
Total credit card debt has dropped and more new mortgages are being taken out, according to the British Bankers' Association (BBA).... [more]

Debit cards 'more popular than credit cards' - Fri, 28 Jul, 2006
There is "a continued trend to pay more frequently by debit card", according to the director of communication at card association Apacs.... [more]

Moves made to cut illegal credit card usage - Thu, 20 Jul, 2006
Credit cards of those using the internet to buy illicit material will be cancelled, under new data protection laws.... [more]

Barclaycard: Turkey top of credit card fraud - Tue, 18 Jul, 2006
Credit card holders have been warned that Turkey, France, Spain and the US top the league for card fraud abroad.... [more]

British tourists urged to take financial caution - Mon, 10 Jul, 2006
UK holidaymakers should be credit card cautious on their travels this summer, according to AA Travel Insurance.... [more]

Tesco moves into business market with new credit card - Wed, 5 Jul, 2006
Supermarket group Tesco is to start offering business credit cards, which are aimed at small businesses and traders.... [more]

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