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First-time offenders to see car insurance rise
March 27, 2012
By Caroline Johnson

Drivers are being warned that car insurance firms are cracking down and increasing the premiums of those who commit their first speeding offence.

In the past, speeding offences have often been treated fairly lightly by motor insurers. However, research by the AA amongst top insurers such as Zurich, Axa and Provident suggests times are changing.

The AA's findings were backed up by research from, carried out on behalf of the Telegraph. The study found that drivers over the age of 40 are likely to see their car insurance premiums rise by 10 per cent if they receive a three-point speeding offence. Those in their 30s will see an even steeper rise in premiums and could see costs rise by as much as 15 per cent. Those in their 20s will see the largest rise and can expect premiums to go up by 22 per cent if they are caught for a speeding offence.

In addition, it has been warned that anyone caught texting or emailing on their smartphone whilst driving now realistically risks being unable to find car insurance at all.

Aviva's senior motor underwriting manager Nigel Bartram is quoted by the Telegraph as saying, "We want to get the message across that mobile phone usage is absolutely not acceptable. Even though it may be treated by the law in a similar way to a speeding fine, we insurers view it very seriously."