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Women better off with mainstream car insurers - Mon, 16 May, 2005
Some 72 per cent of British female motorists would be better off with a general motor insurer, rather than the spate of female-only car insurers that have sprung up recently.... [more]

Business confidence falls further - Mon, 16 May, 2005
Business confidence has fallen yet further, according to the latest Lloyds TSB Business Barometer.... [more]

Calls to increase tobacco tax - Fri, 13 May, 2005
Tax on tobacco should be raised by 50 per cent, according to the editor of the medical journal the Lancet.... [more]

British company pensions investment losses - Fri, 13 May, 2005
AXA has unveiled the losses incurred by British workers who fail to invest in company pensions, with total annual loses of £3 billion.... [more]

Buy-to-let mortgage investors protected by DPEI - Thu, 12 May, 2005
The Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry (DPEI) has stepped in to close four companies that have been scamming buy-to-let property investors.... [more]

Brits lose savings to moving forgetfulness - Thu, 12 May, 2005
Thousands of pounds of assets are lost by forgetful Britons whenever they move home, it has been revealed.... [more]

Car insurance outsourcing shunned by most consumers - Wed, 11 May, 2005
A study by Alliance & Leicester has revealed that people buying car insurance prefer to deal with UK-based call centres.... [more]

Car insurance lies revealed - Wed, 11 May, 2005
According to new research commissioned by RAC Financial Services, one in ten motorists have lied on their car insurance applications.... [more]

Debt levels hit worrying levels - Tue, 10 May, 2005
Some 40 per cent of British adults aged 26 to 40 do not have adequate financial provisions to last more than a month in the event of a sudden redundancy, MyEquifax has revealed.... [more]

Credit card companies should assist MG Rover customers - Tue, 10 May, 2005
Customers who bought MG Rover cars on their Visa debit cards should be given assistance by their banks., according to Warranty Direct.... [more]

ABTA offers new travel insurance - Mon, 9 May, 2005
A new kind of travel insurance has been launched by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) to insure clients against losses incurred by their holiday provider going bankrupt.... [more]

British Gas haemorrages customers - Mon, 9 May, 2005
Centrica has reported that in the three months leading up to May it has lost 382,000 energy accounts.... [more]

BofE maintains interest rates at 4.75% - Mon, 9 May, 2005
The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee today voted to maintain interest rates at 4.75%. It is now nine months since the last interest rate rise.... [more]

Amicus holds pensions demo - Fri, 6 May, 2005
Amicus is holding a demonstration this weekend to raise awareness of the plight of people who have lost their pensions because of company bankruptcy.... [more]

Investment unaffected by election - Fri, 6 May, 2005
Seven tenths of British investors think that Labour's re-election will not have a deleterious effect on the national climate for investment.... [more]

British parents preparing for childrens' futures - Thu, 5 May, 2005
British parents are making a monthly savings sacrifice of £250 million, according to ING Direct.... [more]

Big savers lose out on interest - Wed, 4 May, 2005
Investec Private Bank has revealed that having a large sum of money in the bank is no guarantee of a decent rate of interest.... [more]

Boom forecast for European pensions - Wed, 4 May, 2005
Allianz Global Investors (AGI) has forecast a boom in the European occupational and private pensions market.... [more]

Debt a priority for Britons - Tue, 3 May, 2005
Some 27 per cent of Britons considers paying off their debts to be their financial priority, according to More Than's Consumer Barometer.... [more]

Pensioners close to breadline - Tue, 3 May, 2005
Nearly half of Britain's pensioners are on the financial breadline, according to new research by Norwich Union Equity Release.... [more]

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