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Children 'being taught about money at home' - Thu, 20 Mar, 2008
Children around the UK are being taught many of the basics of personal finance at an early age and in the home, according to recent research.... [more]

Credit cards 'funding romance' - Thu, 20 Mar, 2008
Credit cards are funding romantic nights out for thousands of couples around the country, according to a study by National Savings & Investments (NS&I... [more]

Would-be homebuyers 'spending billions of savings cash' - Wed, 19 Mar, 2008
The UK's would-be homebuyers are spending billions of pounds they had previously set aside in an effort to build a mortgage deposit, according to rec... [more]

Mortgage woes 'worsening' - Wed, 19 Mar, 2008
The financial woes affecting millions of British homeowners are worsening, a report from Citizen's Advice has suggested.... [more]

Holidaymakers get credit card warning - Tue, 18 Mar, 2008
Holidaymakers have been warned to make sure they will not be liable to unnecessary loading fees when spending on their credit cards outside the UK.... [more]

Community spirit 'enters house buying process' - Tue, 18 Mar, 2008
An assessment of a particular area's community spirit is part of the house buying process for millions of people around the country, it has been sugg... [more]

Brits 'donating millions via plastics cards' - Mon, 17 Mar, 2008
British consumers are donating millions of pounds each month to charitable causes via their plastic cards, according to the latest data from the UK's... [more]

More Brits 'aiming to offer finance advice' - Mon, 17 Mar, 2008
An increasing number of Britons are aiming to gain the qualifications they need to offer personal finance advice, it has been suggested.... [more]

Building society makes case for long-term fixes - Fri, 14 Mar, 2008
Nationwide Building Society has suggested that long-term fixed rate mortgage deals can offer the kind of stability that many British homeowners are lo... [more]

Investors 'favouring cash Isas' - Fri, 14 Mar, 2008
Investors in the UK tend to favour cash-based individual savings accounts (Isas) over their equity growth equivalents, recent research has demonstrate... [more]

Darling 'fails first time buyers' - Thu, 13 Mar, 2008
The first budget delivered by the new chancellor Alistair Darling has let down would-be first time buyers around the UK, it has been claimed.... [more]

Tisa welcomes savings gateway - Thu, 13 Mar, 2008
The Tax Incentivised Savings Association (Tisa) has welcomed the launch of an initiative aimed at helping low incomes families add to their savings po... [more]

UK Budget 2008 Hammers Drinkers - Thu, 13 Mar, 2008
First to go under the cosh of Alistair Darling's first Budget announced on Wednesday, March 12th are all those who enjoy a tipple. Tax increases of ... [more]

Men 'claim to dominate household personal finances' - Wed, 12 Mar, 2008
The majority of men believe that they are in control of household spending, new figures indicate.... [more]

Consumers 'have misapprehensions' about money - Wed, 12 Mar, 2008
The average Briton is not managing their money effectively, a new study shows.... [more]

Brits 'not getting best out of savings' - Tue, 11 Mar, 2008
People are not making best use of their savings, new research shows.... [more]

'High appetite' for fixed mortgage products - Tue, 11 Mar, 2008
An increasing number of homeowners are looking to maintain their monthly mortgage repayments, a new study shows.... [more]

Stamp duty costs 'rise in the south' - Mon, 10 Mar, 2008
New research from Halifax has revealed that first-time buyers (FTBs) in 99 per cent of southern local authorities (LAs) were required to pay stamp dut... [more]

Chancellor 'must improve savings culture' - Mon, 10 Mar, 2008
Alistair Darling must take steps to improve savings levels among Britons, it has been suggested.... [more]

Bank maintains borrowing costs - Fri, 7 Mar, 2008
The Bank of England has opted to maintain the cost of borrowing in the UK, it has been announced.... [more]

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