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PPI Industry Investigated for Overcharging - Mon, 9 Jun, 2008
An insurance watchdog has announced that loans customers are being overcharged by over 1.4 billion pounds a year from the sale of insurance to cover r... [more]

Housing Market More Dire than 90s Recession - Thu, 5 Jun, 2008
House prices are plummeting at a faster rate than the 1990s recession, recent data has shown.... [more]

Hopes of Interest Rate Cuts are Slashed - Wed, 4 Jun, 2008
Borrowing costs look set to stay at their current rates, dashing earlier hopes that the central bank would slash interest rates.... [more]

Workers Finally Stop Working For The Taxman - Tue, 3 Jun, 2008
Today is annual 'Tax Freedom Day' - that means it is the theoretical day in the year when UK employees stop working for the government and start wor... [more]

Over 30% of Households Sent The Wrong Bills - Tue, 3 Jun, 2008
A report issued yesterday has shown that as many as one in three households regularly get sent the wrong gas or electricity bill.... [more]

Bank Bows to Pressure to Lower Charges - Mon, 2 Jun, 2008
There has been a revolutionary turnaround in the case of unfair bank charges, as Barclays slash their charges for returned or guaranteed transactions ... [more]

House Prices to Fall by 7% - Thu, 29 May, 2008
A monumental shift in the housing market has seen the Council of Market Lenders (CML) revise its October 2007 predictions from a 1% rise in the market... [more]

Enormous Upsurge in Financial Complaints - Wed, 28 May, 2008
The last financial year has seen an increase of 30% in financial complaints, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has announced.... [more]

Protests Against Fuel Tax Take to the Roads - Tue, 27 May, 2008
Hauliers today expressed their deep dis-satisfaction at the proposed fuel tax increases by travelling in convoys to protests in Central London and alo... [more]

Bank Charges May Take Years to be Returned - Fri, 23 May, 2008
The wait for the return of "unfair" bank charges could now be extended for years, after the banks were given permission to challenge a high ... [more]

Leap in Oil Prices Punishes Drivers - Thu, 22 May, 2008
Increases in crude oil prices have hit drivers hard, with retail diesel prices marking the largest month-on-month leap in eight years, the Automobile ... [more]

18 Million Families Will Suffer After Tax Changes - Wed, 21 May, 2008
Up to 18 million families will be worse off after the new tax concessions - introduced for the benefit of those affected by the scrapping of the 10% t... [more]

Marks Shows Profit Sparks - Tue, 20 May, 2008
Marks and Spencer, the British consumer institution, has long since been considered a 'bellwether' for British spending - that is to say, its profit... [more]

House Sales Set to Decline Rapidly - Mon, 19 May, 2008
The rate at which property is selling set to plummet by an astonishing 40%, a study published by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has... [more]

Rising Prices Hit Drinkers - Fri, 16 May, 2008
Beer prices for some of the most popular brands - including Carling Black Label, Miller and Nastro Azzuro - are set to rise. SABMiller, the world's s... [more]

British Stock Markets Outperformed by Rest of Europe - Fri, 16 May, 2008
The British stock market is one of the worst performing in Europe, recent data shows.... [more]

UK Government Makes Major Tax U-turn - Wed, 14 May, 2008
In what can only be described as a massive U-turn, the chancellor, Alistair Darling, today cut taxes for over 20 million people. He announc... [more]

Food Prices Gnaw a Hole in British Pockets - Tue, 13 May, 2008
In just one month, the price of food has soared by 3.6% - taking the annual total of food pricing inflation to an astonishing 19.1%.

In rea... [more]

Gas Suppliers Turn Up the Heat - Mon, 12 May, 2008
Centrica, owner of British Gas, is to raise gas and electricity prices for the second time this year, as it claims it is struggling to maintain adequ... [more]

City Bonuses Feel the Sting of the Credit Crunch - Fri, 9 May, 2008
City bonuses are to be slashed as the economic gap between the South and North of England is set to close for the first time in six years.... [more]

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