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Peak rate charges start sooner - Thu, 31 Mar, 2005
More and more telephone companies are charging peak rate prices from earlier in the morning.... [more]

Cash tipped ahead of ISA deadline - Wed, 30 Mar, 2005
With the April 5th ISA deadline looming, cash investment is being tipped as the way ahead in tax-free saving.... [more]

Start early and beat the taxman - Wed, 30 Mar, 2005
Consumers are being advised to start early if they want to beat the taxman, with the accountancy giant KPMG releasing a list of measures aimed at minimising tax loss.... [more]

Shopping around could save consumers £1,824 a year - Wed, 30 Mar, 2005
New research by Sainsbury's Bank and Moneyfacts has revealed that consumers could save an average of £1,824 by spring-cleaning their finances.... [more]

Motorists should shop around for car insurance - Tue, 29 Mar, 2005
British motorists could save 32 per cent on their insurance premiums if only they shopped around, Sainsbury's Bank has revealed.... [more]

Property decline bottoming out - Tue, 29 Mar, 2005
The recent slowdown in the property market could be coming to an end, according to the British Bankers' Association.... [more]

Bogus calls warning from Icstis - Thu, 24 Mar, 2005
Telephone messages promising prizes should be ignored by consumers, as they will lead to excessive telephone bill charges, according to the telecoms regulator Icstis.... [more]

New card offers credit-personal loan combination - Thu, 24 Mar, 2005
A credit card-personal loan combination is being offered to customers by the banking giant Barclays.... [more]

Mandatory MOT fee proposals embraced - Wed, 23 Mar, 2005
The motor industry has welcomed government proposals for a reduced but mandatory MOT fee, but has warned against any impact on personal car finance.... [more]

Property bubble burst unlikely - Wed, 23 Mar, 2005
A repeat of the property bubble burst of the late 1980s is "premature", according to the Bank of England's Kate Barker.... [more]

Soft compulsion proposal to end pension crisis - Tue, 22 Mar, 2005
In the latest instalment in the pensions debate, Legal & General claims that the most sure-fire way to forestall an impending crisis is to introduce "soft compulsion" measures.... [more]

Parents saving too little - Tue, 22 Mar, 2005
Nearly half (45 per cent) of Britain's parents are saving nothing for their children's futures, a new survey by NFU Mutual has revealed.... [more]

Protection needed from aggressive loan advertising - Mon, 21 Mar, 2005
A new report by the Conservative Peer Lord Griffiths has called for a statutory bank customers' charter to guarantee that borrowers are made fully aware of the implications of borrowing.... [more]

Child Trust Funds to set saving example - Mon, 21 Mar, 2005
Barclays has called for parents to embrace Child Trust Funds in light of a new survey of young people's attitudes to saving.... [more]

Chip-and-pin could increase card fraud - Fri, 18 Mar, 2005
Chip-and-pin technology could heighten the risk of credit card fraud, according to a new report by the computer department of the University of Cambridge.... [more]

Holidaymakers 500 million card fee charge - Fri, 18 Mar, 2005
Charges to use credit cards abroad are setting British holidaymakers back by £500 million a year, according to the Nationwide Building Society.... [more]

Savers given by boost by Brown - Thu, 17 Mar, 2005
Savers were given a boost by Gordon Brown yesterday when he announced that the tax-free ISA limit would continue untouched until 2010.... [more]

Base rate rises do not preclude good loan deals - Thu, 17 Mar, 2005
Despite a base rate rise of 0.75 per cent over the last year consumers can still get a good deal on personal loans, according to the head of personal finance at Moneyfacts.... [more]

Families and pupils to benefit from budget - Thu, 17 Mar, 2005
In a move that will benefit about 3.5m lower-to-middle income families with children, the chancellor yesterday provided an uplift in child tax credit... [more]

Mixed Response to 2005 Budget - Wed, 16 Mar, 2005
Response to Gordon Brown’s ninth budget was predictably negative from the leaders of the opposition parties, while business groups were supportive of today’s measures. Reactions from major trade unions have been mixed, with several questioning the government’s record in following through with ... [more]

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