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A third of people relied on credit cards in January - Mon, 31 Jan, 2011
One in three credit card holders have used their plastic to pay for everyday living costs during January, a report from the Post Office has found.

Two out of five admitted that they have used a cred [more]

Sainsbury’s Finance cuts rates for personal loans - Fri, 28 Jan, 2011
Sainsbury’s Finance has cut its best personal loan rate to a typical 7.2% APR for loans of between £7,500 and £14,999.

There’s also an added bonus for Sainsbury’s custom [more]

Spy boxes could cut car insurance for young people - Thu, 27 Jan, 2011
Young drivers could slash the cost of their car insurance premiums if they install a new 'spy box' into their vehicle.

The news will be welcome to many young drivers who have seen premiums [more]

Santander to change overdraft charges on current accounts - Wed, 26 Jan, 2011
Santander is to change the way it charges for overdrafts, it has been announced.

A three-tier structure is being introduced and customers in each tier will pay different overdraft fees.

Customers [more]

10 million Brits hold forgotten savings - Tue, 25 Jan, 2011
New research from Clydesdale Bank has found that £6.1 billion is held in savings accounts which have been forgotten about.

The study revealed that over a fifth (21 per cent) of UK adults have [more]

Car insurance costs rising due to injury claims and fraud - Mon, 24 Jan, 2011
According to a new report from the AA, drivers will pay an average of £845 for their car insurance policies, up 34 per cent from the average policy price last year.

This huge increase is being [more]

OFT chief supports potential break up of Big Four banks - Fri, 21 Jan, 2011
The Office of Fair Trading's (OFT) chief executive, John Fingleton, has spoken out in support of the investigation into whether the Big Four banks should be split up.

The Independent Commission [more]

M&S reduced interest rate on personal loans - Thu, 20 Jan, 2011
Marks & Spencer has revealed it has reduced the interest rates charged on its personal loans.

The typical annual percentage rate on its personal loans has been reduced from 9.9 per cent to 7.5 pe [more]

Savers need huge interest rates to beat inflation - Wed, 19 Jan, 2011
After further growth in the inflation rate, savers now need to find a savings account that offers a rate of at least 4.63 per cent to avoid losing money when they save.

Higher rate tax-payers now nee [more]

Personal loan shoppers urged to read small print - Tue, 18 Jan, 2011
Anyone looking to take out a personal loan should ensure they study the small print of their deal before signing on the dotted line.

Justin Modray, an expert from Candid Money, explained that persona [more]

First Direct launches new online banking app for iPhone - Mon, 17 Jan, 2011
First Direct claims it has made the first online banking app that allows customers to make transactions.

The app, which is available free of charge, allows banking customers to make transfers and pay [more]

Overdraft charges are becoming more common - Fri, 14 Jan, 2011
An increasing number of UK current accounts are charging customers for using overdrafts.

Online financial resource Money Maxim's Managing Director, Mark Bower, claims there is a new trend for ch [more]

Consumers turn to web for financial advice - Thu, 13 Jan, 2011
According to new research from Greenlight, consumers are increasingly looking to the internet for retail finance advice, rather than heading to financial advisers or banks.

Greenlight found that ther [more]

New HSBC savings account offers 10 per cent interest - Wed, 12 Jan, 2011
Following news of pitiful interest rates being paid on savings this week, good news has come in the form of a new savings account from HSBC.

The bank’s new Regular Saver account offers 10 per c [more]

Interest rates need to increase claim experts - Tue, 11 Jan, 2011
Savings and pensions experts have been urging the Bank of England to begin raising interest rates soon in order to protect savers.

The base rate has remained at a record low of just 0.5 per cent sinc [more]

Car insurance crackdown could save motorists money - Mon, 10 Jan, 2011
The latest crackdown on uninsured motorists could see over a million people being hit with £1,000 fines.

The news will be welcomed by law-abiding motorists who should see their insurance premiu [more]

UK savers keeping £7 billion at home - Fri, 7 Jan, 2011
New research by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) points towards a severe lack of consumer confidence, with relation to savings accounts.

The research found that £7 billion wor [more]

FSCS launches major awareness campaign to boost saving - Thu, 6 Jan, 2011
A major advertising campaign has been launched by the organisation that offers savers protection for the money they hold in savings accounts.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) now cov [more]

New rules rolled out to speed up ISA transfer time - Wed, 5 Jan, 2011
Customers who hold their savings in their cash individual savings accounts (ISAs) will be pleased to learn that new rules have been introduced which will prevent long delays in transferring money betw [more]

Consumers unaware of savings changes - Tue, 4 Jan, 2011
Changes to EU regulations which came into effect on 31 December 2010 mean that consumers' savings will now be protected up to the value of £85,000. New research has revealed, however, that [more]

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