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Spare savings spent on buy-to-let property - Mon, 17 Jul, 2006
Britons are putting their spare money towards buy-to-let property, new research reveals.... [more]

British motorists 'could save money on car insurance' - Mon, 17 Jul, 2006
Millions of motorists could save money on their car insurance by extending their current policies, it has emerged.... [more]

Private investors unsure of investments - Mon, 17 Jul, 2006
A total of one in ten private investors do not know how their money is invested, new research suggests.... [more]

Halifax: Savings ratio at four-year high - Mon, 17 Jul, 2006
Household savings "are on a steady trend upwards", according to Peter Jackson, head of savings at Halifax.... [more]

Interest rates affecting mortgage decisions - Fri, 14 Jul, 2006
Uncertainty over the next change of interest rate is causing mortgage borrowers to assess their options, it has emerged.... [more]

IFAP: Retirement planning is most popular request - Fri, 14 Jul, 2006
IFA Promotion's (IFAP) new report "reflects the increasing demand for independent financial advice", according to the company's chief executive, D... [more]

Financial customers 'could be owed compensation' - Fri, 14 Jul, 2006
Customers who have lost money through dealings with financial services firms are being urged to contact the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FS... [more]

Retirees making holiday investment - Fri, 14 Jul, 2006
Those retiring in the next five years plan to spend their retirement tax-free lump sum on a holiday, a new survey shows.... [more]

Pensions minister warns of poorer future - Thu, 13 Jul, 2006
Young people could risk becoming the 'live fast, die poor generation' if they do not change their savings habits, according to pensions minister Jam... [more]

Pima: Strong Isa take-up will continue - Thu, 13 Jul, 2006
Individual Savings Account (Isa) take-up is expected to continue strongly throughout the next year, according to the Pep and Isa Managers' Associatio... [more]

Married couples advised on inheritance tax - Thu, 13 Jul, 2006
Confusion over inheritance tax could mean many British couples are paying over the odds in tax, it has emerged.... [more]

Premier Foods shares up 6% - Thu, 13 Jul, 2006
Those looking to buy shares and make investments over the coming weeks could look to Premier Foods, whose share price was up six per cent at close yes... [more]

Brits pledge to keep working post-65 - Wed, 12 Jul, 2006
Nearly half of all Britons intend to keep working after the current state pension age of 65, new research reveals.... [more]

Brits 'overpaying by millions for mortgage fees' - Wed, 12 Jul, 2006
Mortgage transfer fees are costing British consumers £23 million too much, according to new research.... [more]

Halifax: More men dumping money at airports - Wed, 12 Jul, 2006
Men who buy unplanned items at airports have been accused of 'money dumping' by Halifax Travel Insurance.... [more]

Consumers urged to explore pension options - Wed, 12 Jul, 2006
UK financial customers should be putting their savings into pension schemes "that are appropriate to their needs", according to the chief executive ... [more]

Holidaymakers urged to check insurance - Tue, 11 Jul, 2006
Brits travelling abroad should "take a little extra care in certain countries", according to the travel product manager at insurance company Norwich... [more]

House prices on the rise, says DCLG - Tue, 11 Jul, 2006
The average house price in the UK has risen by around £2,000 since April, official data shows.... [more]

HMRC to implement new approach to tax advice - Tue, 11 Jul, 2006
New approaches by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) should "prove to be more flexible and less time consuming for businesses, tax agents and HMRC staff", ... [more]

IFAs valued for their impartial advice - Tue, 11 Jul, 2006
Around 25 per cent of people use independent financial advisers (IFAs) for advice on their money, as opposed to ten per cent, who use them to help the... [more]

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