Thu, 01 Sep, 2016
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Northerners 'manage their money better'

New reports suggest that consumers in the north are better at managing their money than their southern counterparts, exercising better judgment over saving, borrowing and general financial planning.

Nearly a third of all people in Scotland, Yorkshire and Humberside claim to be good at money management whilst almost a quarter boast a range of savings and investments in new research from

This indicates a broad financial outlook, with a good view for long term financial planning, the study suggests.

Conversely, consumers in London are the most likely to splurge their money and spend excessively with little or no fore-planning, according to the research. In keeping with these findings, 14 per cent of Londoners admit to being poor at managing their money.

"It's important to remember that no matter what kind of financial planner you are, it pays to keep tabs on your credit status, whatever your financial traits, as your behaviour and any decisions made now can affect your future borrowing power," commented Jim Hodgkins, managing director at

Birmingham Midshires recently reported that overall UK saving levels are increasing each quarter.