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Profit from Off-Plan Property-

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How to Profit from Off-Plan Property

Everything you need to know about investing and profiting from off-plan and new-build property is contained in this brand new guide.


The two authors are industry insiders, and in the last four years have been involved in over £100m of off-plan property purchases.


In this unique guide, these two experts divulge their secrets and explain how you can ensure healthy returns from off-plan property – whilst avoiding the pitfalls along the way, of course!


Everyone who is interested in off-plan property or property investment in general should consider this book essential reading.


“A must-read for anyone tempted to buy property off-plan. Full of no-nonsense advice, userful tips and warnings in an easy-to-read, accessible style.” Mark Harris, Managing Director, Savills Private Finance.



What's in the Guide?


‘How to Profit from Off-Plan property’ explores all the crucial issues facing off-plan property investors and provides an exclusive wealth of insight. It is the only publication in which you will find:


Real-life examples of investors who have got it right – you can read about how they made large profits from off-plan property.
Real-life examples of investors who have got it horribly wrong – you can learn from their bad experiences and avoid their mistakes.
A step-by-step guide to making off-plan property investments, and all the common pitfalls you need to avoid.
The substantial benefits of investing in off-plan property as opposed to buy-to-let.
Avoiding sham discounts when buying property and how to obtain a genuine discount of 15-20%.
A detailed examination of the unique risks associated with off-plan investment, such as ‘investors ghettos’, unethical developers and more.
The range of off-plan property you could consider, from the conservative to the most lucrative but risky.
A-Z guide to making profitable investments in the best off-plan property.
How to boost your profits and make big cost savings by using a property investment company.
How to avoid unethical companies and crooks in the property investment industry.
Off-plan property mortgages and what you need to know.
Success with assignable contracts and back-to-back deals.
Investing in off-plan property overseas.

Important points are always illustrated with detailed and clear examples. A series of such examples are used to compare company and private property ownership.


The Authors


The guide was written by Alyssa and David Savage, who are the co-founders of Hattan and Grand, a property investment company which sources new-build and off-plan properties for private investors.


They have been involved in the purchase of over £100m of off-plan and new-build investment property over the last four years.



How Much Does 'How to Profit from Off-Plan Property' Cost?


Only £24.95 plus postage and packing of £1.50 (on the order total). The guide will normally be sent out within 24 hours of receiving your order.

You will have the option at checkout of receiving a free electronic copy to read immediately.

And that's not all!

You will also receive a complimentary electronic copy of our comprehensive How to Save Tax - worth £19.95.
Delivery £1.50 on total order
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