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UK Offshore Banking Guide

Offshore banking can present solutions to many of the issues facing people living and working abroad, providing a range of "hassle-free" products and services designed specially for them. With expats often needing to move their lives and their finances around the world, offshore banking can help to ease the transition to a new country, company, culture and financial system.


No matter where in the world customers are located, offshore banking can offer a global service that is always close at hand.


Instant access and availability are important to people living and working abroad, as you are constantly "on the move". Account information needs to be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Automated telephone and internet banking services are pre-requisites together with a website offering a comprehensive range of product and service information plus financial and lifestyle tools.

If you are an expat or constantly "on the move", there are a number of excellent  offshore banking products especially designed for you.