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Bring forward your retirement, says Aegon - Fri, 30 Jun, 2006
UK consumers with private pension schemes could retire sooner by cutting out the price of one coffee a day, according to financial planning company Ae... [more]

NPSS 'offers best deal for small firms' - Thu, 29 Jun, 2006
The National Pensions Saving Scheme (NPSS) "offers the best deal for the small employers whose participation is vital to its success", it has been s... [more]

Purnell: We will tackle pension under-saving - Thu, 22 Jun, 2006
Minister for pension reform James Purnell has said that the government wants "to tackle under-saving" in the UK now to ensure people begin taking "... [more]

Pensions risk for those who wait - Fri, 9 Jun, 2006
There is a risk that people in the UK "believe that changes to the state pension alone will be sufficient for their retirement needs", it has emerge... [more]

Pensions affected by fall in stock market - Mon, 5 Jun, 2006
The recent fall in the UK stock market has been "bad news for many pension schemes", according to Paul Dooley, senior consultant at Aon Consulting.... [more]

Blair hails pension reform - Fri, 26 May, 2006
Prime minister Tony Blair has called yesterday "a landmark day" after the publication of the white paper on pensions. ... [more]

Government urged to improve pension access and adequacy - Thu, 25 May, 2006
Improvements to access and adequacy are needed in the forthcoming pension reforms, according to Ian Naismith, head of pensions market development at S... [more]

Regional pension variation - Wed, 24 May, 2006
Pensioners in the south-east of England have the highest average income in Great Britain, new research from Clerical Medical has revealed.... [more]

ABI: Treasury's pension report useful - Mon, 22 May, 2006
The Treasury Select Committee's report on the National Pensions Saving Scheme is "a useful contribution" to the pensions debate, according to the A... [more]

Hutton: Gender pensions gap to be addressed - Fri, 19 May, 2006
Pensions minister John Hutton revealed yesterday that one of the main aims of the pension reforms will be to address the gap between the income of men... [more]

Know your pension entitlement - Wed, 17 May, 2006
It is "essential" that people in the UK know how much their pensions will be when they retire, according to the author of a new guide on pensions pu... [more]

Pension credit going unclaimed - Fri, 12 May, 2006
Many people are not claiming pension credit even though they are eligible, it has been revealed.... [more]

Government urged to act fast on pensions - Fri, 12 May, 2006
A-Day and the Turner Report have "created a golden opportunity" for the government to to "press ahead" with pension reforms, according to Mike Kel... [more]

More over-50s using web to make money, says survey - Mon, 8 May, 2006
An increasing amount of people over the age of 50 are using the internet to increase their pension income, new research has revealed.... [more]

Pension auto-enrolment necessary, says AIFA - Mon, 8 May, 2006
More than half of the members of the Association of Independent Financial Advisers (AIFA) think that automatic-enrolment will be necessary in order fo... [more]

Pensions Regulator publishes strategy - Mon, 1 May, 2006
The Pensions Regulator has published its medium-term strategy for the next three years.... [more]

ACA survey: Pension scheme too complex - Fri, 28 Apr, 2006
Businesses in the UK "need to see a simple state scheme in place" regarding pensions, according to the chairman of the Association of Consulting Act... [more]

Property being used to supplement pensions - Thu, 13 Apr, 2006
More people are using their property to help fund retirement, it has been revealed by Prudential.... [more]

UK government told to follow Kiwi lead on pensions - Tue, 11 Apr, 2006
Following New Zealand's lead in pension policy could present fewer risks than the National Pensions Savings Scheme (NPSS), according to the Pensions ... [more]

'Use today to plan your pension' says HMRC - Thu, 6 Apr, 2006
Today is an ideal day for people to review their pensions provision, according to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).... [more]

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