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Pensions fight to 'strengthen' - Wed, 28 Dec, 2005
The defence of pension schemes will be a top priority for trade unions in 2006, it has been announced. ... [more]

Customers advised to opt back into state pension - Tue, 20 Dec, 2005
Customers of one of Britain's leading insurers have been urged to consider opting back into the state second pension. ... [more]

Personal finance most common resolution - Wed, 14 Dec, 2005
Sorting out personal finances is a top priority for Britons once the year has drawn to a close. ... [more]

Pensions to rise in line with inflation - Wed, 7 Dec, 2005
The government has revealed that the basic state pension for Britons is to rise next April, in accordance with inflation. ... [more]

Pensions tax break u-turn - Tue, 6 Dec, 2005
A pensions tax break which was meant to come into effect next April has been shelved, the government has announced. ... [more]

National Pensions Savings Scheme Announced - Wed, 30 Nov, 2005
Under new proposals outlined by Lord Adair Turner of the Pensions Commission on Wednesday, 30th December, the state retirement age could rise to a 66... [more]

Buy to let market boosted by pensions fears - Tue, 29 Nov, 2005
The UK buy to let market is benefiting from the pensions crisis, it has been claimed. ... [more]

UK pensions 'becoming increasingly inadequate' - Thu, 24 Nov, 2005
Britons have been warned that there is no scope for complacency with pensions, as new research has shown that state pension provisions have continued ... [more]

Pensions report to call for retirement age of 67 - Mon, 21 Nov, 2005
The possibility of introducing longer working lives in order to solve the future pensions gap is looking more likely after a Pension Commission report... [more]

Shift in pensions provision - Thu, 17 Nov, 2005
Private pensions are set to increase in popularity as people no longer rely on the state to provide them with adequate retirement provisions. ... [more]

Focus on women's pensions - Wed, 9 Nov, 2005
The future of women's pension provision was the focus this week as ministers met to discuss upcoming changes and potential new plans. ... [more]

Bosses urged to prepare workers for A-Day - Fri, 4 Nov, 2005
UK employers have been urged to improve their current preparation levels for A-Day as the new legislation could affect thousands of workers across the... [more]

Pensions worries eased - Tue, 1 Nov, 2005
Predictions over a future pensions crisis may be slightly over exaggerated, as a growth in productivity will increase the chances of a state pension b... [more]

Consumers seek advice but ignore A-Day implications - Fri, 28 Oct, 2005
Consumers are waking up to the benefits of getting advice from independent financial advisors, according to industry figures. ... [more]

Support for older retirement age - Mon, 24 Oct, 2005
Increasing the retirement age and requiring workers to remain in employment for longer could help to increase life expectancy, according to a new repo... [more]

Company pensions schemes can save workers £5.1 billion - Tue, 18 Oct, 2005
Brits are being urged to consider joining company pension schemes when given the chance, as they could save a significant amount towards their financi... [more]

Report reveals "adequate" pensions for older workers - Wed, 12 Oct, 2005
Recent warnings over the number of older workers facing retirement poverty have been exaggerated, according to new research. ... [more]

Practical advice vital for pensions changes - Thu, 6 Oct, 2005
More practical advice and assistance should be made available to pension scheme holders ahead of A Day, according to a retirement specialist. ... [more]

UK prepares for longer working life - Wed, 5 Oct, 2005
The majority of employees in the UK are preparing themselves for a longer working life, according to new research. ... [more]