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Calls for changes to pensions rules - Mon, 25 Jun, 2007
The Alliance Trust has called on the government to change the rules that restrict people with "protected rights" savings from diverting these funds ... [more]

Report highlights UK's pensions problems - Wed, 20 Jun, 2007
A new report from Scottish Widows suggests that millions of British workers face significant financial problems when they reach retirement age.... [more]

New pensions advice booklet launched - Thu, 7 Jun, 2007
A new booklet has been launched with the aim of reassuring workplace pensions contributors around the country that their schemes and investments are p... [more]

Workplace pensions 'increasingly important' - Fri, 1 Jun, 2007
British workers are increasingly keen to ensure that their employers offer an attractive pensions scheme before taking up a job offer, according to on... [more]

Three-quarters of Brits 'want workplace pensions' - Tue, 29 May, 2007
Around 75 per cent of British employees view a workplace pension as an important part of their professional arrangement, according to a recent survey.... [more]

Pensions boost for Standard Life - Thu, 10 May, 2007
Financial services firm Standard Life has welcomed its latest set of financial results after seeing "strong momentum" in the pensions aspect of its ... [more]

Inflation "worrying" for pensioners - Wed, 18 Apr, 2007
Yesterday's news that the rate of inflation had risen above three per cent is "worrying" for pensioners, according to shadow chancellor George Osbo... [more]

PM: Pensions problem 'not related' to tax credits - Tue, 17 Apr, 2007
The prime minister has insisted that the UK's pensions problem is a consequence of people living longer and is not related to earlier actions by Gord... [more]

Sipps costs drop in price war - Thu, 12 Apr, 2007
Increased competition in the market has led to a reduction in the average costs of self-invested personal pensions (Sipps), reveals new research.... [more]