Mon, 29 Aug, 2016


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UK Guide to Pet Insurance

Surprised at how much cash you have had to pay out for your sick pet? It is definitley worth protecting yourself against the growing costs of veterinary bills with our essential guide to the leading UK online pet insurance sites.


Itís estimated we spend more than £1 billion a year on veterinary bills, and the figure is rising.


Even something as seemingly straightforward as treating a dog with tummy trouble (or - to use the correct veterinary term - gastroenteritis) will cost £200.


Pet insurance is the surest way to protect against such expense. Costing from as little £5 per month for cats and about £8 per month for dogs, policies provide cover against visits to the vet or damage to a third person's property, or offer reimbursement if a pet is stolen or killed.


So what exactly do you get for your monthly premium? The average pet insurance policy will cover you for around £5,000 in veterinary fees, £2 million of 3rd party liability, and a payment upon untimely death of £500.


You should check that your policy will cover for the loss of your pet by theft or straying. All costs associated with advertising (and even rewards) for lost pets should be covered. Your policy should cover the cost of emergency kennels when required, travel costs to and from the vet. Even alternative medicine is sometimes covered.