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Using a Property Company to Save Tax in the UK

One of the most important decisions you must make when putting money into property is whether to invest personally or start your own property company. Of the many reasons for starting a company, saving tax is probably the most important. 


The potential savings are, in fact, substantial enough to justify a whole guide on the subject. Our analysis demonstrates that when you apply certain techniques, you can earn nearly 34% extra income by using a company to invest in property.


Due to there being a number of traps to avoid and pitfalls to negotiate, it is essential that you arm yourself with all the relevant facts. The guide considers the whole picture and explains all the tax consequences of property company ownership.


What's in the Guide?


The guide is written in plain English and consists of numerous examples and tax planning tips. Subjects covered include:


All the latest company tax changes announced in the most recent Budget.
An answer to the question as to whether you should or should not use a property company.
Why setting up a company is perfect for those people investing in property as an alternative pension.
A summary of all the company tax benefits and drawbacks.
How to earn a whopping 40% more profit by using a property company.
A list and explanation of the non-tax benefits of using a company.
How you can borrow money tax efficiently.
An explanation of the various types of property company, including property trading companies, property investment and letting companies, property management companies and property refurbishment companies.
How to transfer properties into a company with no tax liability.
An explanation of how companies are taxed.
How stamp duty and Value Added Tax affect company investors.
How to set up your own property company at little cost and with no hassle.
How to get your profits out of your property company and pay minimal or no tax.
How to sell one or more properties or the whole company and pay the least amount of tax.
And lods more!! This book tells you absolutely all you need to know about investing in property by using a company.


The Author


This guide is written by Carl Bayley BSc ACA, a foremost UK property tax expert, widely acknowledged in the industry.


Appointed to the the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales several years ago, Carl is a regular contributor to the BBC's It's Your Money programme and national newspaper articles on tax matters.


Carl is a regular speaker on property tax matters and was recently invited to talk to over 450 people at the Property Investor Show.




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