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Nationwide points to 'savings account confusion' - Tue, 25 Mar, 2008
A report from the Nationwide Building Society has suggested that there is a degree of confusion among British consumers about how different savings ac... [more]

Would-be homebuyers 'spending billions of savings cash' - Wed, 19 Mar, 2008
The UK's would-be homebuyers are spending billions of pounds they had previously set aside in an effort to build a mortgage deposit, according to rec... [more]

Investors 'favouring cash Isas' - Fri, 14 Mar, 2008
Investors in the UK tend to favour cash-based individual savings accounts (Isas) over their equity growth equivalents, recent research has demonstrate... [more]

Tisa welcomes savings gateway - Thu, 13 Mar, 2008
The Tax Incentivised Savings Association (Tisa) has welcomed the launch of an initiative aimed at helping low incomes families add to their savings po... [more]

Brits 'not getting best out of savings' - Tue, 11 Mar, 2008
People are not making best use of their savings, new research shows.... [more]

Chancellor 'must improve savings culture' - Mon, 10 Mar, 2008
Alistair Darling must take steps to improve savings levels among Britons, it has been suggested.... [more]

Building societies make case for more Isa options - Fri, 7 Mar, 2008
The Building Societies Association (BSA) has claimed that the government should make the individual savings account (Isa) system in the UK more flexib... [more]

Building society issues savings warning - Thu, 6 Mar, 2008
Nationwide Building Society has warned people across the UK that they will lose their tax efficient savings allocations forever if they do not make us... [more]

Third of Brits 'can't add to savings' - Wed, 5 Mar, 2008
More than a third of all British adults claim that they are unable to add to a savings account on a regular basis, according to a recent study.... [more]

Eight in ten 'troubled by lack of savings' - Tue, 4 Mar, 2008
As many as eight in ten British consumers are "troubled" by their relative lack of savings, according to a recent poll carried out on behalf of the ... [more]

Brits urged to start saving - Mon, 3 Mar, 2008
British consumers have been urged to start saving money or to add more to their existing accounts by experts at Legal & General (L&G).... [more]

'Worrying' number of Brits not saving - Mon, 3 Mar, 2008
There are a worrying number of people around the country not yet saving for later life, it has been suggested.... [more]

Building societies welcome "another excellent month" - Fri, 29 Feb, 2008
Britain's building societies received a total of around £597 million in savings deposits during January in what has been described as "another excel... [more]

Adult kids 'draining parents' savings' - Wed, 27 Feb, 2008
Millions of men and women around the UK are proving to be a drain on their parents' savings assets, according to recent research.... [more]

Savers urged to shop around for Isas - Tue, 26 Feb, 2008
Millions of UK consumers who invest in an individual savings account (Isa) are losing out by not shopping around for a competitive deal, it has been c... [more]

Savers 'missing out' on Isa interest - Mon, 25 Feb, 2008
Savers around the UK are missing out on the potential of added tax-free interest by failing to use the entire of their individual savings account (Isa... [more]

Report highlights Brits' latest savings raid - Fri, 22 Feb, 2008
A new report has highlighted the extent to which British consumers have been raiding their savings accounts in recent weeks.... [more]

Savings report points to 'interest rate ignorance' - Tue, 19 Feb, 2008
A new report has pointed to a widespread ignorance among UK consumers of the interest rates paid out by particular savings products.... [more]

Young Brits urged to kick-start their savings - Tue, 12 Feb, 2008
Young British consumers have been urged to kick-start their savings in order to stand a better chance of being financially comfortable during retireme... [more]

More Brits 'getting into saving habit' - Thu, 7 Feb, 2008
More people around the UK have got into a habit of saving money than was the case a year ago, according to recent research.... [more]

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