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ISA rates slashed - Fri, 30 Sep, 2005
ISA savers have been warned that many high street savers are slashing the rate of interest paid on ISA savings accounts much further than the 0.25 per... [more]

Cahoot offers 5.25% savings account - Thu, 29 Sep, 2005
Online bank cahoot has launched a new internet account paying up to 5.25 per cent gross per annum on savings. The top line savings account rate will b... [more]

Young savers lead the way - Tue, 13 Sep, 2005
Despite continued concerns over a lack of saving by Brits and the carefree attitude to putting money aside by the younger generation, new research has... [more]

Money management vital - Mon, 12 Sep, 2005
Consumers could save a significant amount of money just by keeping an eye on their overdraft facilities, says a new report. ... [more]

Brits waste millions on forgotten Direct Debits - Tue, 6 Sep, 2005
Savers have been encouraged to reassess the necessity of any Direct Debits that they may have set up in the past, following recent research which indi... [more]

Savers admit to "dipping" - Wed, 31 Aug, 2005
As consumers are continually urged to improve their saving habits and put money aside more regularly, it seems that the message is getting across and ... [more]

Couples urged to save for weddings - Thu, 18 Aug, 2005
As many celebrities compete to have bigger and better weddings, it seems that ordinary people are following the trend and splashing out on expensive c... [more]

First Direct unveils e-ISA - Mon, 15 Aug, 2005
Following recent calls for more savers to put their money in to an ISA, First Direct has launched a new e-ISA. ... [more]

Brits encouraged to save for household repair expenses - Fri, 5 Aug, 2005
British homeowners significantly underestimate the amount of money they will end up spending on house maintenance and repairs, with the majority of pe... [more]

Lost change can add up to £16.5 billion - Mon, 1 Aug, 2005
Those who claim that they cannot afford to start saving or put money aside each month for saving account have been urged to look down the back of the ... [more]

Brits saving for summer sun - Tue, 26 Jul, 2005
The traditional summer holiday abroad is still popular with Brits, with many putting regular amounts of money aside during the rest of the year. ... [more]

High and low earners save the same - Wed, 20 Jul, 2005
People on high salaries save the same proportion of their income as workers on low wages, according to a new study. ... [more]

Online saving accounts and ISA's unveiled - Thu, 14 Jul, 2005
An increasing number of banks and building societies are developing online versions of their most popular products, as research shows that more and mo... [more]