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Abbey: Britons savvier with their money - Tue, 12 Dec, 2006
Britons are working hard to pay off their overdrafts as the nation tries to reduce its borrowing, new research reveals.... [more]

West Midlands' kids 'like to save' - Mon, 11 Dec, 2006
Children in the West Midlands save their money more often than any of their peers, new research reveals.... [more]

Jupiter: Isas are vital for UK - Thu, 7 Dec, 2006
Individual savings accounts (Isas) are vital in order to encourage UK consumers to save their money in the long-term, according to a savings expert.... [more]

Which? welcomes bank's savings attitude - Wed, 6 Dec, 2006
Consumer group Which? has welcomed Lloyds TSB's move to encourage a savings culture in the UK.... [more]

Lloyds TSB launches new savings scheme - Tue, 5 Dec, 2006
A new innovative savings scheme is helping the UK's consumers round up their loose change with every debit card transaction they make.... [more]

MPs 'want savings changes implemented' - Tue, 28 Nov, 2006
Some 58 per cent of MPs believe that those too old for a child trust fund (CTF) and too young for an individual savings account (Isa) deserve to have ... [more]

Different age groups 'save for contrasting reasons' - Tue, 28 Nov, 2006
People in their 20s predominantly save their money for three reasons, according to new research.... [more]

Abbey welcomes Isa 'simplification' - Mon, 27 Nov, 2006
The Abbey has welcomed the government's moves to make individual savings accounts (Isas) less complicated.... [more]

Government plans 'good news for savers' - Fri, 24 Nov, 2006
New government proposals to facilitate the transfer of individual savings accounts (Isas) into stocks are expected to come as good news for savers in ... [more]

Financial charity welcomes new report - Fri, 17 Nov, 2006
Financial charity ifs School of Finance has welcomed a report from the Treasury select committee, which offers advice on savings and money management.... [more]

Money can buy you love, says building society - Wed, 15 Nov, 2006
Some 43 per cent of women would want to start a relationship with a man if they knew he had some savings, new research reveals.... [more]

UK 'in the mood to save' - Wed, 15 Nov, 2006
The UK's "mood to save" has risen for the third consecutive October, according to new research from Legal & General.... [more]

'Holiday spending sparks summer savings raid' - Wed, 8 Nov, 2006
Britons have been raiding their savings between July and September, according to new figures.... [more]

Treasury's Isa move 'encourages people to save' - Fri, 3 Nov, 2006
People have more of an incentive to save following the Treasury's decision to guarantee the future of individual savings accounts (Isas), according t... [more]

Middle aged consumers 'saving more' - Mon, 30 Oct, 2006
Those aged between 30 and 50 years old currently have the highest saving levels, new research reveals.... [more]

UK savings gap "widening" - Mon, 23 Oct, 2006
The average amount people put in their savings fell in the last quarter, according to new research.... [more]

Consumers 'raiding savings because of missed birthdays' - Thu, 19 Oct, 2006
Consumers across the UK may be digging into their savings to compensate for the guilt of forgetting birthdays, according to new research.... [more]

UK in the mood to save - Wed, 11 Oct, 2006
Since the beginning of 2006, the nation has been in the mood to save, according to new figures.... [more]

Saving and borrowing education 'to increase' - Wed, 11 Oct, 2006
An increasing amount of people will be now be able to learn how to save and borrow money, following the Citizens Advice Bureau's (CAB) decision to pu... [more]