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Guide to UK Stamp Duty

This stamp duty calculator has been updated to account for the March 2011 Budget.



Stamp duty is essentially a charge on certain documents, not transactions. However, an equivalent tax is charged on electronic share transfers under the CREST system. From 1 December 2003, stamp duty land tax (SDLT) replaced stamp duty for land transactions, whether or not completion takes place.


The most significant duties are based on the amount of consideration.

  • 0.5% duty on share transfers.
  • For land transactions and lease premiums, rates, charged on the whole consideration, are:

Up to 125,000



125,001 to 250,000*



250,001 to 500,000



More than 500,001 to 1,000,000



More than 1,000,000**



*For first time buyers only, the stamp duty threshold increases to £250,000 until 24th March 2012. That means if you have not bought a property before, either individually or within a marriage, you will not have to pay stamp duty on a purchase of property up to £250,000 in value.
**From 5th April 2011, the stamp duty on properties worth over £1,000,000  was lifted from 4% to 5%. Non-residential property transfers, and residential property transfers up to £150,000, in disadvantaged areas are exempt from stamp duty.

A special sliding scale applies to duty on rents. SDLT is charged at 1% (upfront payment) on the net present value of rent over the lease term where that exceeds £120,000 (residential) or £150,000 (commercial).
This stamp duty calculator has been updated to account for the 2005 budget changes:

Calculate how much stamp duty you will pay (property purchase in non-disadvantaged area):

Value of property £
Stamp duty £
uk stamp duty



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