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TD Waterhouse Share Dealing

TD Waterhouse is the UK's second largest execution-only broker, providing share dealing and investment services through its website and over the phone.


A subsidiary of North America's sixth largest bank by branches, the Toronto-Dominion Bank Financial Group, TD Waterhouse services around 200,000 customers and has more than 3.05 billion in customer assets under management.


Products available for trading and investing include:


* Bonds and Gilts

* Cash management and savings

* Unit Trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)

* UK and International Equities (with direct access to markets including Europe, Asia, North America and Australia)

* Investment Trusts

* Derivatives (Turbos/Covered Warrants and Contracts For Difference/Financial Spread Betting)


With TD Waterhouse, investors can avail of fast and easy share dealing, with commissions as low as 8.95 on financial products.



Financial Spread Betting with TD Waterhouse



A financial spread bet is an agreement between a customer and a provider to exchange the difference between the open and closing value of the bet. It involves speculating on the direction of future price movements in an underlying instrument.


TD Waterhouse's straightforward, versatile financial spread betting service helps investors to profit from both up and downward movements in the price of an individual stock or index.


Investors interested in financial spread betting should be aware that:

- It is possible to lose more money than your initial deposit

- You may be required to make further deposits at short notice

- The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back all the funds you invest.



The benefits of financial spread betting include:

All profits are free from UK Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and UK stamp duty

Bets in sterling mean investors avoid foreign exchange exposure

Investors can take advantage of differences in market volatility between equities, indices, currencies or commodities

Fully interactive online dealing

TD Waterhouse Contracts for Difference (CFDs)


CFDs are agreements between brokers and traders to exchange the difference between the share price at the opening and the closing of a particular trade, thereby resulting in either a profit or a loss. A margin, such as 5% or 10% of the actual share value, is paid as a deposit in place of paying the full value of the shares, meaning larger quantities of shares can be traded in than if actual shares were being purchased.


With CFD trading, investors receive many of the benefits of share ownership - such as dividends and price performance - without actually owning the shares.


CFDs with TD Waterhouse offer an alternative method for investors to trade shares without having to pay the full price of stock ownership. CFDs can be traded "long" or "short" to speculate on either rising or falling markets.


Benefits of CFD trading include:

No UK stamp duty

Avail of both rising and falling markets by trading long or short

Introductory low stake sizes available to new customers - investors new to CFD trading can limit their exposure to levels they are comfortable with, giving them time to build confidence using TD Waterhouse's online trading platform. The introductory period lasts for four weeks and is available as soon as accounts are funded.


Interactive online dealing

Greater percentage profits or losses from trades by using leveraging

Investors can take advantage of differences in market volatility between equities, indices, sectors, currencies or commodities

All trades in pound sterling

Stop losses available to reduce financial risk

Going "long": Investors open a "long" CFD position when they buy shares that they expect to rise in value, with the intention of selling them later to make a profit.


Going "short": A short CFD position is opened for investors to trade a share they expect to fall in value, with the intention of buying later at a cheaper price and making a profit.


The difference between opening and closing prices for long and short positions is counted as profit if the price rises or falls in line with investors' predictions.




Trading ISAs with TD Waterhouse


An Individual Savings Account (ISA) lets individuals invest up to 10,680 (from 5 April 2011) in a qualifying year, without paying Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax on investment earnings.


Trading ISAs are self-select stocks and shares ISAs, offering a wide range of investment choices and putting investors in control of their share portfolios while protecting their growth from Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax.


With a self-select Trading ISA from TD Waterhouse, investors can decide to invest in UK and international equities, gilts, bonds, investment trusts, unit trusts, OEICs and exchange traded funds. There is no annual admin fee on accounts valued 5,100 or above. Some of the benefits of a Trading ISA include:


Trade online from just 8.95 commission per trade

No annual admin or set-up fees

No Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax on investments

Mix and match investments from any fund management group within one ISA

With TD Waterhouse's eServices, investors can avail of online statements, contract notes and corporate actions, reducing the amount of paper - and energy - used. Simply by logging into the eServices section of their account, investors have instant, convenient and secure access to their documents.


Investors can visit the TD Waterhouse website for more details on the full range of financial products on offer.