Thu, 25 Aug, 2016
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27-09-04 10:51
Buy-to-let investors remain upbeat


According to the latest report by the Association of Residential Letting Agents, almost 60% of buy-to-let investors are planning to buy another property in the next year.

One of their leading members, Paragon, which has a 10% share of the UK buy-to-let market, has even remarked that the market uncertainty could be a good thing for landlords. The company described a 'positive environment for landlords', arguing that questions over the direction of property prices would prompt more people to rent instead. 'The impact of uncertainty about the future of house prices on potential owner-occupiers and the perception that interest rates may be nearing their peak creates a positive environment for residential renting'.

However it should be noted that Paragon specialises in landlords with large portfolios rather than the amateurs who may be more exposed in the event of a property slump.

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