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Insurance for mortgages advised - Tue, 14 Feb, 2006
Many Britons are failing to protect their mortgages through their life insurance policy, it has been found. ... [more]

Scottish Power increase energy prices - Mon, 13 Feb, 2006
The UK's fifth largest energy supplier, Scottish Power, has increased the cost of its gas and electricity, it has been revealed. ... [more]

Credit card chip and pin deadline imminent - Mon, 13 Feb, 2006
Consumers with chip and pin enabled credit cards will no longer be able to sign for goods and services from tomorrow. ... [more]

Credit card holders urged to pay on time - Fri, 10 Feb, 2006
Credit card holders are continuing to suffer from late payment charges, reveals new research into the personal finance habits of the nation. ... [more]

Forward planning key to seasonal savings - Fri, 10 Feb, 2006
Although the majority of people are getting on with the new year and putting all the seasonal festivities behind them, consumers have been urged to st... [more]

Interest Rates Held at 4.5% - Thu, 9 Feb, 2006
Despite signs of slowing High Street sales, The Bank of England today held interest rates at 4.5% for the sixth consecutive month.... [more]

Property 'should form limited part of ISAs' - Thu, 9 Feb, 2006
Investors have been advised by analysts to only keep trace elements of property in their ISA portfolio. ... [more]

Treasury adviser proposes property tax - Thu, 9 Feb, 2006
A tax on property values should be introduced to replace council tax and stamp duty, a leading economic adviser has argued. ... [more]

Britons supplementing pensions with savings - Wed, 8 Feb, 2006
Britons are the best planners for retirement in Europe, a study has found, despite fears of a pensions crisis in the UK. ... [more]

Pension age to increase in 2020 - Wed, 8 Feb, 2006
A rise in the state pension age after 2020 is "inevitable", according to the work and pensions secretary, John Hutton. ... [more]

Older Brits to travel with pensions - Tue, 7 Feb, 2006
A trend for older Britons to backpack across the world may be developed following changes to pension rules in April, it has been claimed. ... [more]

Children's savings fund deadline extended - Tue, 7 Feb, 2006
The rules regarding child trust funds (CTFs) have been eased as many parents are opening accounts for their children very late. ... [more]

Insurance vital as Brits unprepared for fires - Mon, 6 Feb, 2006
Home insurance is even more essential for Britons, after a new study found that homeowners have startlingly poor fire safety knowledge. ... [more]

Gas prices to jump 25 per cent - Mon, 6 Feb, 2006
British Gas customers are to face a 25 per cent increase in gas prices, taking the average bill to above £1,000, it has been revealed. ... [more]

Value of equity release loans shows 'slight growth' - Fri, 3 Feb, 2006
The equity release loans market experienced modest growth of three per cent in the last quarter of 2005, new figures have revealed. ... [more]

Britons warned of credit card differences - Fri, 3 Feb, 2006
Consumers have been urged not to be misled by credit card interest rates by a consumer watchdog. ... [more]

Online tax returns soar - Thu, 2 Feb, 2006
The number of UK taxpayers filing their self-assessment tax returns online grew to almost two million this year, it has been revealed. ... [more]

Alternatives to chip and pin credit cards 'still available' - Thu, 2 Feb, 2006
British consumers have been advised that alternatives to the chip and pin credit cards are available. ... [more]

Pensioners 'failing to claim council tax benefits' - Wed, 1 Feb, 2006
Pensioners are being urged to ensure that they are claiming council tax benefits, following the release of new figures. ... [more]

Loan approvals escalate - Wed, 1 Feb, 2006
The Bank of England has released figures showing that mortgage approval levels grew to their highest rate for more than a year and a half in December.... [more]

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