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Income insurance 'vital protection' - Fri, 18 Jan, 2008
Income protection insurance has been a "lifeline" for some Britons as the impact of the credit crunch begins to hit, a provider has commented.... [more]

'Majority' call for financial education - Fri, 18 Jan, 2008
Nine out of ten parents and teachers believe personal finance education should be taught to school children, new research has shown.... [more]

Green mortgage market 'unlikely to grow in 2008' - Thu, 17 Jan, 2008
Green mortgage products are unlikely to expand from their niche during 2008, an expert has commented.... [more]

'Request green tariffs', energy users urged - Thu, 17 Jan, 2008
Britons should consider asking their energy provider for a green tariff as it will encourage further investment in renewables, an authority on utiliti... [more]

Students saving to become first time buyers - Wed, 16 Jan, 2008
An increasing number of students in the UK are saving money with the aim of taking the first step on the housing ladder, according to recent research.... [more]

New year could bring child savings boost - Wed, 16 Jan, 2008
The new year could give a boost to the scale of child savings in the UK, Engage Mutual Assurance has suggested.... [more]

Home makeovers 'costing more money than expected' - Tue, 15 Jan, 2008
A home makeover costs more money than the instigator anticipates in one in four cases across the UK, according to recently compiled figures.... [more]

Brits need more finance advice, charity insists - Tue, 15 Jan, 2008
British consumers need greater access to personal finance advice than is currently the case, according to the nationwide charity Citizens Advice.... [more]

Brits using buy to let to 'build their assets' - Mon, 14 Jan, 2008
The majority of the UK's buy to let property owners have become landlords in an effort to build their portfolio of assets, according to recent resear... [more]

Millions 'dip into savings' during January - Mon, 14 Jan, 2008
Millions of British consumers will dip into their savings during January as they struggle cover their everyday living costs after overspending at Chri... [more]

Credit card dependence 'on the rise' - Fri, 11 Jan, 2008
An increasing number of credit card holders in the UK have become dependant on their plastic to fund their living expenses, according to recent resear... [more]

Borrowing costs maintained - Fri, 11 Jan, 2008
The cost of borrowing has been held at 5.5 per cent by the Bank of England, it has been announced.... [more]

CTFs 'have boosted child savings' - Thu, 10 Jan, 2008
The introduction of child trust fund (CTF) accounts in the UK has given a considerable boost to child savings across the country, it has been claimed.... [more]

Most Brits 'don't plan their personal finances' - Thu, 10 Jan, 2008
The majority of consumers in the UK do not plan how they will spend their money, according to recent research.... [more]

Singles 'less concerned about cost of borrowing' - Wed, 9 Jan, 2008
Single people across the UK are considerably less likely to concern themselves with the Bank of England's next decision over the cost of borrowing, a... [more]

Life changes 'causing personal finance problems' - Wed, 9 Jan, 2008
Millions of people around the UK have suffered financially as a result of an unexpected and significant change in the lives, according to recent resea... [more]

Small firms urged to consider their banking options - Tue, 8 Jan, 2008
The Bank of Scotland is urging small businesses in the UK to consider their banking options as they look to improve their financial performance in 200... [more]

Brits need to improve their 'personal finance fitness' - Tue, 8 Jan, 2008
Abbey Banking has urged British consumers to improve their personal finance fitness in the early part of the new year.... [more]

Inward migration 'pushing up south-west's mortgage levels' - Mon, 7 Jan, 2008
Inward migration has helped the average mortgage value in the south-west of England increase dramatically over the course of the past decade, accordin... [more]

Brits 'expect poor personal finance advice' - Mon, 7 Jan, 2008
Many British consumers expect to receive poor personal finance advice from experts they turn to for assistance, according to recent research.... [more]

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