Fri, 26 Aug, 2016
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Economy puts young people’s lives in limbo - Wed, 28 Mar, 2012
New research has suggested that many people are effectively putting their lives ‘on hold’, due to the current economic situation.

The study from found that two-thirds [more]

First-time offenders to see car insurance rise - Tue, 27 Mar, 2012
Drivers are being warned that car insurance firms are cracking down and increasing the premiums of those who commit their first speeding offence.

In the past, speeding offences have often been treate [more]

Home insurance claims for theft soar - Mon, 26 Mar, 2012
House burglary and personal theft insurance claims have risen to a record £450 million - the highest in a decade, new figures show.

The statistics from the Association of British Insurers, publ [more]

Personal loan repayments outstrip new borrowing - Fri, 23 Mar, 2012
Personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts are being repaid at the fastest rate for over 12 months, new figures show.

A high street banking report published today says that consumer appetite for bor [more]

UK consumers paying out billions on credit card interest - Thu, 22 Mar, 2012
New figures show that UK consumers are paying out a total of £6.5 billion a year in credit card debt interest.

By analysing the March 2012 UK Debt Statistics released by Credit Action, comparet [more]

West Brom launches new online savings account - Wed, 21 Mar, 2012
The West Brom building society has launched a new online savings account which offers a rate of 3.16 per cent AER.

The WeBSaveEasy Access 4 account is available online and the 3.16 per cent rate incl [more]

Consumers expect telematics car insurance policies in near future - Tue, 20 Mar, 2012
New research has found that over half of UK drivers expect to have a telematics-based insurance policy within the next five years or sooner.

Telematics technology is sometimes called ‘black box [more]

PayPal launches smartphone credit card reader - Mon, 19 Mar, 2012
Payments giant PayPal has launched a new mobile phone credit card reader to enable customers to take payments on the go.

The PayPal Here reader plugs into the phone’s audio jack and works in co [more]

Derbyshire Building Society offers market-leading personal loan rate - Fri, 16 Mar, 2012
Derbyshire Building Society has announced a new market-leading loan rate.

The building society is offering a representative rate of 6 per cent for loans between £7,500 and £14,999. The co [more]

Incomes and savings up for the over-55s - Thu, 15 Mar, 2012
The financial situation of the over-55s appears to be improving following the recession, according to new research from Aviva.

The report found that income and savings have both increased for the ov [more]

Lost phones pose online banking threat - Wed, 14 Mar, 2012
New research has revealed that lost smartphones can pose a threat to the owner’s online banking security.

The research from security firm Symantec found that 96 per cent of people will look thr [more]

Virgin Money increases credit card rates - Tue, 13 Mar, 2012
Virgin Money has drastically increased the rates on its credit cards, according to media reports.

The Daily Telegraph reports that rates on purchases using Virgin credit cards, which are provided by [more]

Drivers struggling to pay car insurance excess - Mon, 12 Mar, 2012
Insurance firm Axa has warned against drivers pushing up their car insurance excesses in a bid to reduce their premiums.

Axa reports that an increasing number of motorists are being left unable to pa [more]

Credit card reward schemes on the rise - Fri, 9 Mar, 2012
According to new research, 42 per cent of credit cards now offer some kind of reward incentive.

This is compared to just 27.4 per cent two years ago. The study found that 55 per cent of credit card h [more]

EU ruling could increase car insurance costs for women - Thu, 8 Mar, 2012
A new EU ruling could penalise women when it comes to car insurance premiums.

The EU decision means that insurers are banned from discriminating on the grounds of gender when calculating insurance pr [more]

Card fraud falls to lowest level in over a decade - Wed, 7 Mar, 2012
New data has revealed that in 2011, debit and credit card fraud fell to its lowest level in more than ten years.

Losses related to online banking fraud also fell, although there was a slight increase [more]

Quitting smoking could save thousands on life insurance - Tue, 6 Mar, 2012
As National No Smoking Day approaches on 14 March, smokers are being advised that they could save thousands on life insurance by giving up cigarettes.

Research from MoneySupermarket has revealed that [more]

Santander launches current account which pays cashback on bills - Mon, 5 Mar, 2012
Santander has launched a new account which offers cashback on household bills paid through its new 123 Current Account.

The current account pays 1 per cent cashback on water bills and council tax, 2 [more]

Cost of credit cards and overdrafts at highest for three years - Fri, 2 Mar, 2012
The cost of using a credit card or overdraft is at a three-year high, according to new figures from the Bank of England.

The increase has come about despite the fact that the base rate is at a histor [more]

Barclays launches cashback business credit card for small firms - Thu, 1 Mar, 2012
Barclays has launched a new cashback business credit card specifically designed for small companies.

The new business credit card, available online, earns small firms 3 per cent cashback when they bu [more]

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