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Electricity prices concern energywatch - Thu, 17 Feb, 2005
The electricity market watchdog energywatch has expressed concern at moves by Scottish and Southern Energy to hike electricity prices... [more]

Country estates remain key part of home buying process - Thu, 17 Feb, 2005
Demand for large country properties remains strong according to new analysis of the home buying process... [more]

UK finance experts anticipate rate rise - Wed, 16 Feb, 2005
Analysis of the British economy indicates that it is outperforming expectations according to leading finance experts.

City analysts say that the economy has improved on it... [more]

Market confident amid buy to let strength - Wed, 16 Feb, 2005
Experts are saying that the evidence of new mortgage offers from lenders is emphasising the growing resilience of the buy to let market.

Some organisations have begun offe... [more]

Kids becoming less financially savvy - Tue, 15 Feb, 2005
Teenagers are becoming increasingly ill-informed when it comes to financial awareness according to a new study.

This manifests itself at a small scale, with two thirds of ... [more]

New Muslim banking account launched - Tue, 15 Feb, 2005
A new account aimed squarely at British Muslims has been launched on the high street with the aim of reaching some of the region's two million followers of the religion.

... [more]

Banking transactions go mobile - Mon, 14 Feb, 2005
Mobile phones are spreading their reach even further with the news that consumers could soon make bank transactions using their handset.

ICT firm Sun has been working with... [more]

Credit card debts hitting under-30s - Mon, 14 Feb, 2005
People under the age of 30 who become bankrupt are becoming an increasingly common sight, with credit card debts one of the chief causes according to a new study.

Findings... [more]

Pensions plans deny key workers choice - Fri, 11 Feb, 2005
The government will today be accused of denying key public service workers the choice it promises to deliver for the electorate with regard to pensions.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union, will tell a fringe meeting at the Labour party spring... [more]

Energy bills set to rise as a result of green power - Fri, 11 Feb, 2005
The government's drive to increase the use of renewable energy will cost Britons an estimated one billion pounds extra each year on their cumulative energy bill by the end of the decade.

A new report from the National Audit Office reveals that electricity prices will be pushed up by around... [more]

Bank insists major profits are a boon for UK - Thu, 10 Feb, 2005
Barclays has insisted that the vast profits the bank has announced are in fact good for Britain.

The high street operator enjoyed profits of 4.6 billion for the year, marking a sharp increase on the corresponding period the year before.

Profits rose by a fifth, but chief executive ... [more]

Mortgage rates stay on hold - Thu, 10 Feb, 2005
The Bank of England has announced that interest rates will remain on hold at 4.75 per cent, meaning mortgage rates will remain stable.

For the sixth month running the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee has determined that the rate should stay the same, with the decision falling in line with ... [more]

Britons concerned at prospects for first time buyers - Wed, 9 Feb, 2005
Britons are becoming increasingly concerned by the current rend of rising house prices, with many concerned at the implications for future first time buyers.

A survey canvassing the opinions of the UK on behalf of the charity Shelter revealed that more than nine out of ten people believe th... [more]

Poor set to struggle with borrowing - Wed, 9 Feb, 2005
Finding firms that will provide credit is likely to grow increasingly difficult for people on lower incomes looking to borrow money.

According to a new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the poor are set to be frozen out of the borrowing market.

In its study, the foundatio... [more]

Blair rules out tax hike for high-earners - Wed, 9 Feb, 2005
Tony Blair has publicly ruled out a rise in the top rate of tax.

This comes swiftly after a former adviser to Mr Blair [more]

Shares provide best savings - Wed, 9 Feb, 2005
Shares can deliver the best savings for consumers seeking to generate funds using any spare capital they have, according to new research.

A study by ABN Amro suggests that the stock market is the most profitable long-term investment, with its new Global Investment Returns Yearbook drawing c... [more]

Commodities on the agenda for pension funds? - Wed, 9 Feb, 2005
A number of UK pension funds are poised to plough funds into commodities according to a new study.

Analysis completed by Barclays Capital suggests that several outfits are lining up forays into the market, with head of commodities research Kevin Norrish pointing to preparations for the new ... [more]

Firms pump up pensions contributions - Wed, 9 Feb, 2005
Businesses in the UK have made major strides in their efforts to hike the level of contributions being paid into final salary pension schemes in the last year, as companies continue to try to make up some of the deficit.

Incomes Data Services' (IDS) has completed a study of 280 schemes and... [more]

Mortgage holders relief as interest rates expected to hold - Wed, 9 Feb, 2005
Mortgage holders are not expected to see their repayments go up after industry experts predicted the Bank of England's monetary policy committee (MPC) would not raise interest rates ahead of the group's Thursday decision.

Analysts believe the rate will be frozen at 4.75 per cent for the ... [more]

OFT reveals top 5 UK scams - Tue, 1 Feb, 2005
The UK's Office of Fair trading has identified the top 5 scams targeting UK consumers. It said UK consumers lose about £1 billion annually to scams that use low-cost, mass-marketing techniques to target recipients. Many of the scams originate from abroad, making detection and prosecution tougher, t... [more]

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