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Customers Hurry to Deposit Savings in Guaranteed Banks - Thu, 2 Oct, 2008
Northern Rock has announced it is withdrawing a number of savings deals for new customers. The ... [more]

HBOS Takeover Bid Under Threat - Wed, 1 Oct, 2008
There is increasing speculation that the takeover of HBOS... [more]

Rally in FTSE and European Shares - Wed, 1 Oct, 2008
European markets rose early on Wednesday, October 1st, led by banks and commodity p... [more]

UK Bank Account Protection Extended to £50,000 - Wed, 1 Oct, 2008
Yesterday, Gordon Brown announced plans to raise the amount of government protection for savers from £30,000 to £50,000. ... [more]

Mortgage Protection Insurance Warning - Tue, 30 Sep, 2008
As redundancies loom across the troubled property and financial sectors, a sharp rise in applications for ... [more]

Mid-morning FTSE 100 Update - Tues, 30th October - Tue, 30 Sep, 2008
After the massive wipeout on Wall Street overnight, the FTSE 100 slumped to 4707 this morning, its lowest level since 2004, before recovering its loss... [more]

Conservative Government Would Not Bail Out Banks - Mon, 29 Sep, 2008
Shadow Chancellor George Osborne is to tell bankers they would not be bailed out un... [more]

Bradford & Bingley Nationalised - Santander Scores Another Coup - Mon, 29 Sep, 2008
After a fraught weekend of negotiations, the beleaguered Bradford & Bingley mortga... [more]

HSBC Cuts 1100 Jobs - Fri, 26 Sep, 2008
HSBC ... [more]

UK Residents Afraid of Losing Savings - Thu, 25 Sep, 2008
Nearly half of all UK residents lack confidence in the security of their savings. A survey carried out by Populus of behalf of The Times newspaper sho... [more]

Lloyds TSB Launches Mobile Banking - Wed, 24 Sep, 2008
A new mobile banking service is being launched next month by Lloyds TSB. The new se... [more]

Alliance & Leicester Launches New ESaver Account - Wed, 24 Sep, 2008
Alliance & Leicester has announced the launch of its eSaver Issue 2, which it describes as a market-leading internet only ... [more]

European Court in Favour of Compulsory Retirement - Tue, 23 Sep, 2008
Campaigners for the abolition of compulsory retirement laws in the UK have been delivered a setback by a senior adviser (Advocat-general) to the Europ... [more]

Potential FSA Clampdown on City Bonuses - Tue, 23 Sep, 2008
Hot on the heels of its ban on short-selling, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is set to make itself even less popular with City traders by clam... [more]

Many Large Investment Funds Provide Poor Returns - Mon, 22 Sep, 2008
Investment research released today reveals huge differences in returns from the... [more]

Retired are Worried about Inheritance Tax - but Apathetic - Mon, 22 Sep, 2008
Affluent, retired people in the UK are worried about both the effects of inheri... [more]

Hedge Funds Considering Lawsuit Against FSA - Mon, 22 Sep, 2008
UK newspapers have been reporting on rumours that a group of City hedge funds are planning to sue the Financial Services Authority (FSA) over the ban ... [more]

Customers Wary of Banks - Fri, 19 Sep, 2008
A new report suggests customers of the big global banks are feeling insecure. This ... [more]

FTSE 100 jump breaks records - Fri, 19 Sep, 2008
The FTSE 100 Index jumped 387 points to 5,267 by 11.45 this morning, recording the fastest advance in history. Shares rallied around the world after U... [more]

Travel Insurance Essential for Christmas Shopping Abroad - Fri, 19 Sep, 2008
The collapse of XL Leisure has made one thing very clear: it's essential to make sure you're insured against things going wrong when you go abroad (... [more]

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