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Personal loan applications down - Fri, 30 Apr, 2010
Applications for personal loans fell during the last month, according to recent research.

The High Street Banking Report released by the British Bankers' Association (BBA) indicated that fewer p [more]

Life insurance companies not reaching the young - Thu, 29 Apr, 2010
Life insurance is not been taken up by many young people in the UK, new research has suggested.

A recent report from Lifesearch revealed that just 3.5 per cent of its protection policies were purchas [more]

Britons not planning for IHT - Wed, 28 Apr, 2010
Many taxpayers in the UK are wasting a substantial amount of money due to their inheritance tax planning, new research has found.

The Tax Action report by professional advice website i [more]

IVAs need discipline, expert says - Tue, 27 Apr, 2010
Consumers entering into an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) should be aware that it still requires disciplined payments, an expert has advised.

As a legal contract between customer and creditor [more]

Borrowers advised against hiding debt - Mon, 26 Apr, 2010
Borrowers in the UK should be honest about the amount of debt and credit they have taken on, an expert has advised.

Recent research conducted by the Post Office revealed that customers in the UK are [more]

Growth in UK life insurance market - Fri, 23 Apr, 2010
The first three months of 2010 saw a steady growth in the UK life insurance market, a new study has found.

Recent research conducted by the Confederation of British Industry indicated that there coul [more]

Online banking customers warned against virus - Thu, 22 Apr, 2010
Online banking customers have been warned about a powerful computer virus which steals personal details.

Web security company Trusteer said users should be aware that the Zeus 1.6 virus can infiltrat [more]

Car insurance cost increases hit women drivers - Wed, 21 Apr, 2010
Female drivers are being hit hard by recent increases in car insurance premiums, research has found.

According to the latest EMB Car Insurance Price Index, the cost of car insurance has risen by arou [more]

Fewer loans taken for debt consolidation - Tue, 20 Apr, 2010
Fewer people are choosing to take out a personal loan for the purposes of debt consolidation, new research has found.

Sainsbury's Finance notes that the convenience of having all debt in one pla [more]

Saving in the UK on the increase - Mon, 19 Apr, 2010
Many people in the UK are choosing to leave their money in savings accounts rather than spending on an everyday basis, a new study has found.

Recent research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Birmingh [more]

Late payments affecting smaller firms - Fri, 16 Apr, 2010
Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are suffering as a result of late payments into their business bank accounts, according to new research.

A study conducted by NatWest and The Royal Bank [more]

Online banking takeover to benefit customers - Fri, 16 Apr, 2010
The recent takeover of an online banking company is set to have significant benefits for its customers and clients.

Leeds-based TD Waterhouse has fully acquired the private bank Internaxx, having pre [more]

Social networking fuelling car insurance claims - Thu, 15 Apr, 2010
An increasing number of motorists are becoming involved in accidents caused by social networking while driving, it has been found.

Research carried out by Swinton indicates that there has been a 12 p [more]

Brown urged to cap interest on personal loans - Wed, 14 Apr, 2010
The government should target the banks in order to win votes for the forthcoming election, it has been claimed.

Left-wing pressure group Compass asserts that the public want policies that will be dir [more]

Savers urged to make small monthly investments - Tue, 13 Apr, 2010
Small monthly investments are a highly-effective way of building funds in a savings account, an expert has advised.

According to a recent study conducted by Fidelity International, savings of £ [more]

Clegg pledges IHT action - Mon, 12 Apr, 2010
The Liberal Democrats have pledged to address inheritance tax (IHT) as part of their proposed tax plan.

Party leader Nick Clegg said IHT and capital gains tax would be equalised, while existing tax l [more]

Personal loans boosting car sales - Fri, 9 Apr, 2010
An increasing number of people are taking out personal loans in order to purchase a car, a new study has found.

Research conducted by Sainsbury's Finance revealed that some 24 per cent of those [more]

Car insurance premiums on the rise - Thu, 8 Apr, 2010
The cost of running a car is becoming more expensive as premiums on car insurance increase, according to new data.

Research conducted by Sainsburys Finance indicates that car insurance prices have in [more]

More incentive needed for savers - Wed, 7 Apr, 2010
The government should do more to encourage a culture of saving money in the current economic climate, it has been claimed.

A study conducted by action campaign group Save Our Savers indicated that ma [more]

Virgin gets funding for RBS bid - Tue, 6 Apr, 2010
Virgin Money has received a substantial investment from the billionaire Wilbur Ross as part of its bid for the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

After being salvaged by the government last year, current [more]

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