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House Prices Plummet for the First Time this Century - Wed, 30 Apr, 2008
House prices have been consistently falling over the last 12 months, meaning this annum has seen the first year-on-year fall since March 1996.... [more]

Cash Injection Fails to Halt Crisis - Tue, 29 Apr, 2008
The Bank of England's seminal move to reinvigorate the housing market by injecting £50 billion into the banking system has been unsuccessful, recent... [more]

Fuel Crisis Could Burn a Hole in Consumers Pockets - Mon, 28 Apr, 2008
Industry experts have warned that the fuel crisis could lead to an increase of 20% in UK gas bills. ... [more]

Banks May Block High Court Ruling - Fri, 25 Apr, 2008
Banks have refused to accept a High Court Ruling allowing the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to conduct a thorough investigation into the legitimacy of... [more]

Darling in Monumental 10p Tax Turnaround - Thu, 24 Apr, 2008
Chancellor Alistair Darling has issued a bold turnaround in policy, by pledging to help low-earning people who have lost out after the 10p tax rate w... [more]

Lending Crashes to Record New Lows - Wed, 23 Apr, 2008
Britain continues to feel the bite from the credit crunch as mortgage approved loans plummeted to record new lows last month, figures showed today. J... [more]

Darling Demands Banks Do More for Consumers - Tue, 22 Apr, 2008
Chancellor Alistair Darling has today announced, at a specially convened meeting, that banks must do more to help hard-hit families.... [more]

Bank of England Makes Groundbreaking Lending Move - Mon, 21 Apr, 2008
The Bank of England today announced a revolutionary new plan to help ease the credit crunch by loaning banks £50 billion.... [more]

House Price Inflation to Turn Negative - Fri, 18 Apr, 2008
The rate of annual house price inflation is expected to turn negative next month, as the Nationwide's measure of house prices fell for the fifth mon... [more]

Lenders Deserting Buy-to-Let Market - Thu, 17 Apr, 2008
In the past week three mortgage lenders have withdrawn their buy-to-let mortgage products. The move by The Mortgage Works, Britannia Building Society ... [more]

Credit Crunch Starts to Bite - Thu, 17 Apr, 2008
Figures released today reveal millions of UK residents are cutting back on home improvements, holidays and shopping as the credit crunch starts to ta... [more]

Brown Defends his Economic Record - Tue, 15 Apr, 2008
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has spoken out to defend his record over the UK economy. ... [more]

Darling Asks Banks to Pass On Cuts - Mon, 14 Apr, 2008
Chancellor Alistair Darling has made a public appeal to UK banks, urging them to pass on to customers the benefit of the recent cut in the base inter... [more]

Record Levels of Student Debt - Fri, 11 Apr, 2008
The most recent Push survey on student debt shows that first-year students are now accumulating on average £6,000 in debt and will owe nearly £18,000... [more]

HSBC Announces Special Mortgage Offer - Wed, 9 Apr, 2008
HSBC, the biggest bank in the UK, is running a special offer to gain the business of tens of thousands of mortgage customers whose fixed rate deals w... [more]

Consumers Start to Tighten their Belts - Tue, 8 Apr, 2008
In the current climate of economic uncertainty, consumers have started re-assessing their living costs in the hope of shielding themselves from the e... [more]

Credit Crunch Hits IFAs - Mon, 7 Apr, 2008
With mortgages being withdrawn by many of the big lenders, the UK’s financial advice industry is starting to suffer.... [more]

Personal Finance Should be Taught in Schools - Fri, 4 Apr, 2008
Parents and teachers in Britain overwhelmingly support the idea of personal finance being included in the school syllabus.... [more]

Drivers Advised to Shop Around for Insurance - Fri, 4 Apr, 2008
Millions of vehicle insurance policies are up for renewal in April. It used to be the case that Autumn was peak time for policy renewals but the new ... [more]

First Direct Withdraws Mortgage Products - Wed, 2 Apr, 2008
First Direct has become the first UK bank to put a freeze on mortgage lending to new customers. The bank, which is part of HSBC, said they couldnR... [more]

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