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Scottish Government to Buy Electricity in Bulk - Mon, 18 Aug, 2008
The Scottish Government plans to bulk-buy electricity for the whole public sector. At present there are hundreds of individual public sector contracts... [more]

Supermarkets Cut Price of Milk - Fri, 15 Aug, 2008
Good news for dairy lovers: the price of milk has been slashed, as supermarkets compete with each other for customers.... [more]

HBOS Scales Down its Intelligent Finance and TMB Operations - Fri, 15 Aug, 2008
HBOS has today announced that its subsidiary Intelligent Finance is to stop selling cred... [more]

Wrapit Customers Will Not Be Refunded - Wed, 13 Aug, 2008
Administrators of the insolvent wedding gift list company Wrapit have announced that customers are unlikely to receive either their gifts or their mon... [more]

Inflation Hits 4.4 Per Cent - Wed, 13 Aug, 2008
UK inflation is now more than double the Government's target, having hit 4.4% in July. This breaks two records: it is both the biggest monthly change... [more]

Children Saving for University - Tue, 12 Aug, 2008
Figures released by The Children's Mutual show that children as young as eleven are saving for the cost of university, after watching older siblings ... [more]

Savings Accounts Continue to Boom - Fri, 8 Aug, 2008
New figures from online bank Cahoot reveal that interest rates on ... [more]

Billions More Poured into Northern Rock - Thu, 7 Aug, 2008
The Government has pledged a further £3.4bn of taxpayers' money to the struggling ... [more]

Experts Urge Stamp Duty Reform - Wed, 6 Aug, 2008
Property experts have called for the Government to overhaul the much-despised tax of ... [more]

Average Consumer Has Less Money in the Bank - Tue, 5 Aug, 2008
Figures released today by HSBC show that UK consumers are keeping less money in their ... [more]

October Hotels for £2 a Night - Mon, 4 Aug, 2008
Families struggling to find the money for a summer break might want to consider the new promotion just announced by ... [more]

Government Considering Windfall Tax on Energy Companies - Mon, 4 Aug, 2008
Public anger at Centrica's announcement that it had made £992m in profit in the first half of this year has prompted the Government to consider... [more]

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