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Halifax launches savings accounts for expats - Tue, 11 Aug, 2009
In a move that is likely to be of interest to British expatriates, Halifax has launched a new offshore savings account.

The Sterling Halifax International Bonus Saver, which is available in sterling, [more]

Scottish Widows launches high interest rate fixed savings account - Mon, 10 Aug, 2009
A new savings account paying 5.25 per cent in interest has been launched by Scottish Widows.

The minimum deposit for the account is £10,000 and savers can choose to receive their interest on ei [more]

Bank of England maintains base rate but ups quantitative easing - Fri, 7 Aug, 2009
The Bank of England has announced that it will pump a further £50 billion into the economy through quantitative easing, but will keep the base interest rate at a record low of 0.5 per cent.

The [more]

AA says paying car insurance monthly costs more - Thu, 6 Aug, 2009
A report from the AA illustrates how drivers who pay their car insurance premiums on a monthly basis are worse off than those who pay up front.

Some car insurance firms are adding as much as 40 per c [more]

Nationwide launches competition-tracking savings account - Wed, 5 Aug, 2009
A savings account, which offers interest rates above the competition, has been launched by Nationwide.

The Champion Saver account is the first savings account of its kind to be offered on the High St [more]

Santander banks offer high interest rates on savings-linked current accounts - Tue, 4 Aug, 2009
Santander-owned banks, Abbey and Alliance & Leicester, are offering current accounts with 6% interest rates to customers who also take out a high interest savings account with them.

Abbey’s [more]

HSBC announces pre-tax profits of $5bn - Mon, 3 Aug, 2009
HSBC – one of the few banks not to take any government money in the wake of the credit crunch – has reported pre-tax profits of $5bn (£2.98bn) in the first half of 2009. Although sub [more]

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