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Secretaries Bring The Christmas Cheer - Mon, 31 Oct, 2005
Secretaries and PA’s are the most likely to be given full responsibility for the office Christmas party than other job titles in the office and the... [more]

Protect your garden gnomes from the threat of Guy Fawkes - Mon, 31 Oct, 2005
Unsupervised bonfires and rogue fireworks could cost UK homeowners up to £810 million this weekend as they fail to ensure their properties are co... [more]

Advice to cut online fraud - Mon, 31 Oct, 2005
Industry security experts have launched a new guide containing practical advice on how to cut the risks of online fraud. ... [more]

HSBC turns to US fraud technology - Fri, 28 Oct, 2005
Customers of HSBC will receive extra help in the fight against card fraud with the introduction of new technology. ... [more]

Consumers seek advice but ignore A-Day implications - Fri, 28 Oct, 2005
Consumers are waking up to the benefits of getting advice from independent financial advisors, according to industry figures. ... [more]

Mortgage advice seen as confusing - Thu, 27 Oct, 2005
A significant number of consumers find current mortgage advice complicated and confusing, while many are put off from buying a mortgage altogether. ... [more]

Confidence up for buy-to-let - Thu, 27 Oct, 2005
Investors choosing to put their money in property are confident about the long-term future of the market, according to a new survey. ... [more]

Garage space to cut car insurance - Wed, 26 Oct, 2005
Car insurance does not have to cost the earth if you just take the time to shop around and make the most of garage space, says a new report. ... [more]

£40 billion spent on eating out - Wed, 26 Oct, 2005
For consumers looking for ways to save that little bit extra every month, Virgin Money has the answer for you. ... [more]

Older holidaymakers urged to insure - Tue, 25 Oct, 2005
Insurers have been urged to improve the availability of policies for the older generation, as a new report suggests that over 65's face insurance dis... [more]

Property market looks to consumers - Tue, 25 Oct, 2005
A number of new initiatives are being launched to make the property industry more consumer-focused. ... [more]

Support for older retirement age - Mon, 24 Oct, 2005
Increasing the retirement age and requiring workers to remain in employment for longer could help to increase life expectancy, according to a new repo... [more]

Consumers plan for a reduction in seasonal spending - Mon, 24 Oct, 2005
Consumers are planning to spend carefully this Christmas, reducing the usual amount of debts that the seasonal season brings. ... [more]

Positive outlook for property market - Fri, 21 Oct, 2005
Buyers are returning to the property market, with an increase in lending and completed sales, says a new industry report. ... [more]

Homeowners urged to insure - Fri, 21 Oct, 2005
Almost three quarters of households have suffered from weather related damage to their properties over the last year and a half. ... [more]

Council Tax help for pensioners - Thu, 20 Oct, 2005
The government has released a new guide to Council Tax, designed to simplify the process of claiming help. ... [more]

OFT slams "unduly high" fees - Thu, 20 Oct, 2005
Credit cards fees could be given a makeover following the results of a report into Visa fees by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). ... [more]

Parents urged to choose stakeholder route - Wed, 19 Oct, 2005
Confusion over the best way of investing a Child Trust Fund (CTF) voucher has left many accounts unopened, says The Children's Mutual. ... [more]

Energy saving to cut bills and increase property value - Wed, 19 Oct, 2005
Taking measures to improve the energy efficiency of your home can help to increase the overall value of the property, as well as cutting utilities bil... [more]

Company pensions schemes can save workers £5.1 billion - Tue, 18 Oct, 2005
Brits are being urged to consider joining company pension schemes when given the chance, as they could save a significant amount towards their financi... [more]

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