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Rics: Property market is healthy - Thu, 31 Aug, 2006
House price rises will continue to grow faster than earnings, but the UK property market is in "excellent health", according to an economist at the ... [more]

Inheritance Tax Debate Heats Up - Wed, 30 Aug, 2006
According to Halifax, the savings and mortgage company, the number of homes worth in excess of £275,000, the inheritance tax threshold, has risen by ... [more]

Consumers 'taking heed' of savings message - Wed, 30 Aug, 2006
Britons are heeding financial advice and starting to boost their savings, according to new research by Birmingham Midshires.... [more]

Sainsbury's Bank makes security investment - Wed, 30 Aug, 2006
Sainsbury's Bank is making investments in CCTV security to help consumers feel safer when withdrawing from money from its ATMs.... [more]

BBA 'expected' lower mortgage approval figures - Wed, 30 Aug, 2006
The lower number of mortgage approvals recorded in July was expected, according to David Dooks, the British Bankers' Association (BBA) director of st... [more]

New 'simple' car insurance cover - Wed, 30 Aug, 2006
Car finance customers could benefit from a new online car insurance cover plan, according to Norwich Union, the insurance firm backing the scheme.... [more]

NAEA: Hips can't fix home buying process - Tue, 29 Aug, 2006
Home information packs (Hips) are unlikely to "prevent house sales falling through", according to Peter Bolton King, chief executive of the National... [more]

Tories hint at stamp duty moves - Tue, 29 Aug, 2006
The Conservative Party could be planning to cut out stamp duty on share trading, making more money available for pensions, it has emerged.... [more]

Scottish Widows: More women saving in secret - Tue, 29 Aug, 2006
More women are becoming secret savers, with those from the midlands most likely to hide their savings from their partners, new research reveals.... [more]

Save energy to save money, says Halifax - Tue, 29 Aug, 2006
Consumers who make energy and fuel saving improvements could save themselves "hundreds of pounds a year", according to Jon Sykes, head of mainstream... [more]

Rics: A first-time buyer will need £29,000 - Fri, 25 Aug, 2006
The average first-time buying couple must save the equivalent of around 74 per cent of their yearly wage to get onto the housing ladder, new research ... [more]

Ofgem head suggests reduction in gas bill prices - Fri, 25 Aug, 2006
Gas supplies could be less tight during the forthcoming winter, suggesting a dip in energy bill prices, according to Sir John Mogg, head of regulator ... [more]

Consumers warned of pension inflation risk - Fri, 25 Aug, 2006
Inflation is a risk to retirement income, according to the latest research by pension firm Prudential.... [more]

Advice to be offered on inheritance tax - Fri, 25 Aug, 2006
Up-to-date news and advice on how to plan for inheritance tax will be presented to advisers at a number of roadshows across the country.... [more]

UK can't rely on inheritance money, says Fidelity - Thu, 24 Aug, 2006
People in the UK should not be relying on inheritance money to fund their retirement, according to investment company Fidelity International.... [more]

CreditExpert: Consumers must check credit report - Thu, 24 Aug, 2006
Consumers should be checking their credit report on a regular basis, according to CreditExpert.... [more]

Money going unclaimed, says NS& I - Thu, 24 Aug, 2006
Consumers who have recently been involved in the home buying process could be missing out on money that is rightfully theirs, it has emerged.... [more]

New report on finance education welcomed - Thu, 24 Aug, 2006
A new reporting which suggests adults have problems managing their money and that children should be taught financial education in schools, has been w... [more]

New Star suggests how consumers can invest - Wed, 23 Aug, 2006
Three 'ideal portfolios' for investments have been created during new research by investment management company New Star.... [more]

More money going towards car finance, says Halifax - Wed, 23 Aug, 2006
Over the last ten years, the amount of money families put towards car finance has increased by 50 per cent, new research reveals.... [more]

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