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Success for children's savings campaign - Fri, 18 Nov, 2005
A recent campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of opening a Child Trust Fund (CTF) account has increased take up by almost half. ... [more]

Property investment confidence down - Fri, 18 Nov, 2005
Investing in property is no longer seen as the safe option, according to recent reports. ... [more]

Shift in pensions provision - Thu, 17 Nov, 2005
Private pensions are set to increase in popularity as people no longer rely on the state to provide them with adequate retirement provisions. ... [more]

Accountholders urged to switch savings - Thu, 17 Nov, 2005
More people than ever are thinking about switching providers and opening a new bank account, according to a new survey. ... [more]

Credit card deals for Christmas shoppers - Wed, 16 Nov, 2005
As Christmas lights are being turned on throughout the UK and the festive period is drawing closer, a number of providers are promoting their seasonal... [more]

Take time off to boost savings - Wed, 16 Nov, 2005
Working all hours of the day may be hindering your savings rather than boosting them, warns a new report. ... [more]

Predictions over credit card fees - Tue, 15 Nov, 2005
Annual credit card fees could make an unwelcome return, warns the results of a Precious Plastic 2006 study. ... [more]

£25m in unclaimed investment prizes - Tue, 15 Nov, 2005
There are still a number of lucky Brits out there who are yet to pick up their winnings from Premium Bond prizes, with over £25 million still unc... [more]

Youth need help with savings advice - Mon, 14 Nov, 2005
Outlining and sticking to a budget is seen as almost impossible for the younger generation, according to new research. ... [more]

Rate confusion deterring homebuyers - Mon, 14 Nov, 2005
The mortgage industry must do more to simplify the process for homebuyers and ensure that that they are choosing the right deal. ... [more]

Inheritance tax advice to save £1.6bn - Fri, 11 Nov, 2005
Brits could save around £1.6 billion a year just thorough careful inheritance tax planning, according to IFA Promotion (IFAP). ... [more]

No change in interest rates - Fri, 11 Nov, 2005
Interest rates have been kept on hold once again, missing out on the chance to boost the property market and increase consumer confidence. ... [more]

Calls to stop fee charging ATMs - Thu, 10 Nov, 2005
New concerns have been raised over the future of free ATM machines, as an introduction of blanket charges becomes increasingly likely. ... [more]

Seasonal savings with HSBC's credit card deal - Thu, 10 Nov, 2005
HSBC has provided customers with an early Christmas present, offering a new credit card deal that will help to ease the financial burden of the festiv... [more]

Focus on women's pensions - Wed, 9 Nov, 2005
The future of women's pension provision was the focus this week as ministers met to discuss upcoming changes and potential new plans. ... [more]

Insurance vital to cover X-mas gifts - Wed, 9 Nov, 2005
Parents will spend over £1.4 billion on Christmas presents for their children this year, according to new reports, highlighting the need for adeq... [more]

Women urged to take out adequate life insurance - Tue, 8 Nov, 2005
A women's worth is significantly underestimated, warns a new survey, with the majority of females unaware of the true value of the work they do over ... [more]

Boost to child savings - Tue, 8 Nov, 2005
Increasing numbers of parents are planning for their children's financial future and putting regular amounts of money aside, according to latest figu... [more]

Room with a view tax fears - Mon, 7 Nov, 2005
Concerns have been raised over government plans to introduce higher council tax for homes with a nice view. ... [more]

Brits encouraged to fight credit card fraud - Mon, 7 Nov, 2005
Consumers are being urged to take steps to reduce their risk of becoming victim to credit card fraud. ... [more]

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