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Consumers 'increasingly switch suppliers' - Thu, 15 Dec, 2005
More Britons are choosing to switch their energy, gas, and financial suppliers, a new study has found. ... [more]

Personal finance most common resolution - Wed, 14 Dec, 2005
Sorting out personal finances is a top priority for Britons once the year has drawn to a close. ... [more]

Calls for quicker insurance claim system - Wed, 14 Dec, 2005
The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has revealed plans to introduce an improved personal injury compensation claims process. ... [more]

Poverty fears as gas bills heighten - Tue, 13 Dec, 2005
A parliamentary committee has warned that a shortage in gas supplies could lead to an interrupted service for many and push vulnerable groups into 'f... [more]

Tax benefits for charity donations - Tue, 13 Dec, 2005
Many Britons are failing to take advantage of the tax benefits available when donating money to charity. ... [more]

Loan insurance to be investigated - Mon, 12 Dec, 2005
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is to investigate the sale of payment protection insurance (PPI) for loans. ... [more]

Consumers warned over mortgage fees - Mon, 12 Dec, 2005
Britons have been urged to be aware of arrangement fees when searching for a mortgage policy. ... [more]

Tracker mortgage deals confuse Brits - Fri, 9 Dec, 2005
Many British homeowners do not understand how a tracker mortgage policy operates, a new study has revealed. ... [more]

Brits add more to savings - Fri, 9 Dec, 2005
Although many Britons continue to borrow beyond what they can afford, others are beginning to frequently add to their savings. ... [more]

Financial help for young Brits - Thu, 8 Dec, 2005
Young Britons have been warned that if they intend to borrow money during the Christmas period they should contemplate how they will afford repayments... [more]

First time buyer savings struggle - Thu, 8 Dec, 2005
It is taking longer for a first time buyer to save enough money for a deposit on a property, a new study has found. ... [more]

Christmas covered by cheaper mortgage - Wed, 7 Dec, 2005
Homeowners have been advised that switching mortgage policies could save them enough money to pay for Christmas. ... [more]

Pensions to rise in line with inflation - Wed, 7 Dec, 2005
The government has revealed that the basic state pension for Britons is to rise next April, in accordance with inflation. ... [more]

Pensions tax break u-turn - Tue, 6 Dec, 2005
A pensions tax break which was meant to come into effect next April has been shelved, the government has announced. ... [more]

Tax credit changes to profit claimants - Tue, 6 Dec, 2005
People who claim tax credits are to benefit from changes announced by the chancellor in the pre-Budget report. ... [more]

Pre-budget report 2006 - Mon, 5 Dec, 2005
Gordon Brown has today revealed his pre-budget report, in which he calls the coming year the “toughest and most challenging” for the British economy ... [more]

A third of larger homes hit by inheritance tax - Mon, 5 Dec, 2005
Nearly one third of detached property sales in the UK are now above the inheritance tax threshold, new research has claimed. ... [more]

Britons urged to find £70m of lost savings - Mon, 5 Dec, 2005
A re-launched service from the Building Societies Association (BSA) is to help Britons find 'lost' bank accounts. ... [more]

Credit card firms to share customer data - Fri, 2 Dec, 2005
Credit card companies are to share customer information in an attempt to stop the escalating levels of personal debt in the UK. ... [more]

Offset mortgage policies could save Brits millions - Fri, 2 Dec, 2005
Britons are advised to take advantage of the attractive offset mortgage deals available on the market, as it was revealed that £850 million could... [more]

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